mango9, Inc. is back from the Affiliate Summit West 2014 in Las Vegas. Thousands of people from all over the world gathered to represent their companies, communicate, network and establish grounds for new business relationships. The first conference we attended after introducing VConnect call widget to the market was a great experience, the response was overwhelmingly positive, although it did raise some questions needing a lengthier explanation than a 5-10 minute chat at a conference. Here are the frequently asked questions: VConnect is an online calling widget that comes in the form of a button or a link that connects companies to their customers globally. VConnect is based on cloud VoIP technology, allowing online visitors to make HD Voice calls right from the browser without needing to download any special apps or be in any sort of network.     brochure-8.5inx11in-trifold-outside VConnect call widgets can be placed on websites, social media pages, videos, blogs, business directories, banner and text ads, emails, virtually anywhere online. Placing the widget, where the company would like to engage customers in a conversation, just got as easy as click, call, and connect. Illustration2 For instance, by placing the widget on a YouTube video, you can now turn those views into potential calls. Embedding the widget on your LinkedIn company pages can allow your potential customers to call you from platforms they already trust. We differ from the “click to call” solutions you might have seen before. The term “click to call” up until now has been associated with “click to call you back”. The customer clicked the “click to call” button, provided a number, and received a call back. Untitled VConnect allows visitors to make calls directly to the company without any delays and exactly when it is convenient for them to make that call. Calls can be made from a desktop, laptop, smart phones and call-enabled tablets as opposed to "click to call back" solutions. One of the most important things VConnect does is engage the customer, which will increase the number of calls you receive. VConnect will also reduce your toll free bills, because you’re not paying for per minute when the customer calls using VConnect. In addition, VConnect can be integrated with Google Analytics and Adwords for conversion tracking. mango9 offers its own proprietary analytics platform on top of Google Analytics. Watch our YouTube video for greater detail on how VConnect stands out among the crowd. Stay tuned for our posts on how VConnect widget helps you grow your business. BTW, you can call us for any questions you might have! Artie

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