Software integration that can optimize your business phone system

Do you want to make the most of your phone system? If so, you are lucky enough to come across with this blog post. Keep reading to find our the best software integration for optimizing you business phone system performance.

Software integration with VoIP phone system allows both small and midsized businesses to experinece benefits of unified communication (UC) by bringing organizational communication into core business activities. It allows businesses to facilitate workflow and make smarter decisions at the possible shortest time.

Here we brought an example of software integrations which will make your workflow smooth. These software applications are well known as  CTI (computer telephony integration) applications. It is a technology that allows computers to interact with phone system. This allows users to peform calling tasks directly form  their desktop instead of PBX. It makes easy for agents to handle all communication channels from a single interface.

Let's go dipper into each of them.

  1. Pop-up screen

Pop-up Screen/ Screen Popping
CTI integration allows you to implement a pop-up screen interface for your agents. Through this, you get a feel of the immense possibilities when communication integrates with information.

The screen popping CTI application opens up a dashboard whenever your agent interacts with a caller. This shows relevant information about the caller, as you’ve configured it in the system and depending on the applications and software you’ve integrated with your CTI.

You can display and log call origin, IVR selection, authentication status, as well as the caller’s issues, purchase history and support history, among other data.

  1. CRM program

 Digital innovation and the evolution of customer relationship management (CRM) software has opened new avenues of efficiency and quality for call centers. Integrating telephony into a CRM solution unlocks advantages which streamline sales and service communications while providing sales reps with access to a wide range of valuable data. Facilitating this change provides call center staff and supervisors with digital tools which optimize their talent, improving the odds of a positive resolution regardless of scenario.

    3. HR or Recruitment software 

      Cloud Backup solution

  1. Accounting software
  2. Project/Task management software

  1. Speed Dialing

CTI’s speed dialing system is perfect when your team has to meet outbound call objectives. Speed dialers can be configured to continuously make calls, bypassing wrong numbers and busy signals. Agents are patched in only when a person answers the other end of the line. This often comes with a report on call volume, wait times and other call metrics. Increase the productivity of your sales team through CTI’s speed dialing.


  1. IP telephony and conferencing

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