Have you ever faced, at least, one of the following challenges in your trucking business?

  • Falling behind competition

  • Generating few leads

  • Unsatisfied customers

  • Being unable to manage communication between on-site and off-site workers

  • Expensive long-distance calls

  • Inefficient employees

  • Poor delivery service

Has your company ever faced any of these challenges? Or is it currently facing any of these challenges? If yes, then keep reading so as to find the solution to all of these problems.

Overtime, VoIP has proved that it is worthy to be joined. It has come up with a reliable communication system that will help you simplify your trucking business operations, communicate actively and effectively, enhance the performance of your employees, and increase your bottom line.

Let's go through the cutting-edge features that make VoIP the most incredible, tried-and-true phone system.


Find Me, Follow Me - It's typical for trucking companies to have both on-site and office-based employees. Your drivers are basically always on the road; however, staying connected to them is a necessity as it helps in delivering high-quality service. With the find me/follow me feature, every incoming call to your employees' desk phones will be redirected to their mobile phones or any other device of their choice.

Load Board Integration - One of the most important thing for a trucking company is speed. You'll be able to generate more leads than your competitors if you are the first to accept your customers' order. This is quite possible thanks to VoIP's load board integration. With just one click, you'll be able to make instant calls directly from your favorite load board.

Remote Access to Dashboard - Your remote workers need to have quick and easy access to analytical tools and reports. These tools and reports will enable them to efficiently manage delivery schedules and avoid other possible challenges. As a rule, dashboards are password protected and each of your employees will have their personal account.

Call Management Features - Besides the aforementioned features, there are other features that are designed to facilitate the communication process. Among these other features are the 3-way calling, call conferencing, call forwarding, voicemail to email, etc. With VoIP, you can provide your remote and on-site employees with an accurate and cost-effective mode of communication in real-time regardless of the time and location.

Now, what will you get when you put all of these features in motion? What will be the outcome?

Presented below are the outcomes experienced by trucking companies that have already migrated to VoIP.

  • They all have streamlined business processes, most especially the exchange of information between mobile workers and those in their offices. This means that your drivers will be able to use their own devices to remain well-informed while being on the go.

  • The productivity of their employees improved greatly due to the fact that they were provided with a high level of mobility. They are now easier to reach as a result of real-time conversation, electronic dispatch, internet or email access, digital submission of documents and many more.

  • They have optimized the quality of their services, making it top notch for all of their customers. They are now equipped with a faster, secure, and complete delivery service, which keeps all of their prospects satisfied.

  • They have cut operational costs as they do not require in-house servers and other expensive equipment. They also do not need to pay excessively for longer per-minute calls, neither do they need to pay high prices for long distance calls. This means that moving to VoIP will provide you with a significantly reduced monthly bill.

Establish stronger work ethics for your trucking company. Use a reliable phone system to run your business more effectively. Stay in touch with your workers so they can make speedy deliveries and enhance your customer services. When you migrate to VoIP, you'll get obvious, tangible results within a short period of time. We are quite sure you clients will appreciate it.

Being extra-productive is now closer than you can ever imagine.


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