Keeping remote workers in touch, avoiding unanswered calls… These are the most common challenges businesses face. Call routing enables you to route calls to employees and locations all over the map. The most important aspect of call routing is that it’s possible to route calls to almost any device, whether it’s landline, VoIP, or mobile. With  time-of-day routing, you’ll be able to route the calls to different locations depending on the time of day, which makes communication between locations in different time zones easier than ever.


Call routing, which is also known as automatic call distribution (ACD), is a tool that allows you to route calls to different extensions or queues based on preset criteria such as the time of the day that call is made. Initially, hardware operated call routing. However, it has been developed. Today, call routing mechanism is based on software and are part of the computer integration system (CTI). Unlike hardware, this technology enables adjusting call routing criteria quickly and without any IT assistance.  There are many advanced levels of sophistication of routing the calls. For example, it’s possible to automatically route the calls based on specific advertising channels such as Google search through keywords.


Call routing goes across and beyond just routing the call from one extension to another. It has become an entire smart engine that automates the process of call routing to the best employee or sales representative for a particular customer query.

Time-based Routing:

This type of call routing is based on the time when caller dials the business.  Thanks to time-based routing, companies provide service 24-hours a day. This is very appropriate for companies with multiple offices nationwide. They may route the call from one time zone to another after business hours, thus increasing their service time. 

Skills-based Routing:

Every business strives to close as many leads as possible; however, for successful accomplishment you need experienced sales representatives. Typically they are the ones who know the product very well. That’s why in terms of conversion rate it will be much more efficient to route the calls to the agents who are more successful for that particular product. Today, call routing is integrated with customer tracking systems too. For example, it’s possible to route calls based on a customer’s previous experience in Google Search or Display Network. If the customer clicked a particular product’s ad, their call will be routed to the agent who is responsible for that product. This will dramatically increase your conversion rate because it’s based on personalized approach instead of a one-size-fits-all system.

Round-Robin Routing:

Another important problem that companies face is that they can’t efficiently manage their call-flow. As a result, some of their employees have to handle more calls than is physically possible. Round-robin mechanism is the best solution in such situations. You can evenly distribute the lead calls to sales representatives.  It’s fair and the result is more satisfying than could be expected.


In most cases, call routing is just a necessity, not an add-on feature.  Let’s see how call routing can benefit your business. -You’ll make the most of your employee’s performance. You’re able to route certain calls to the most relevant agents, thus making their work as efficient as possible. Routes based on relevancy and industry expertise is sure-fire way to increase conversion rate. -You’ll be calm that no call will remain missed or sent to voicemail. Routing the calls to the available agent is way better. This eliminates revenue loses that come from missed calls and consequently missed leads. -Businesses ensure that their service is available for customers all day. It’s the foundation of customer base involvement and revenue growth. If your communication system needs to be boosted, take time to consider what you can gain from call routing. Even if you’re a little bit confused and unsure about switching to VoIP, call routing, and other features, just opt to try mango9’s 30-day risk-free trial. It means you can enjoy our service for a whole month, and you will be fully refunded if you don’t like it or face some issues.

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