In the age of technology, day by day new things come to replace others. This is also true of the telecom industry. VoIP phone system is developing, and along with that development comes new features. A bright example is a hot-desking introduced by leading telecom companies. Many companies are adopting hot desking to stand out from the competition. This feature is taking customer service to the next level by increasing employee productivity. Bear with us and you will learn what it is and how it will benefit your business.


If you are already aware of the Hot desking work trend, then skip this part. If not, continue reading. Hot desking is all about one or more employees who do not have their own set workspace for a certain time or even permanently, instead they can set up camp and work at any available desk. Now it’s time to understand what VoIP providers mean by saying hot desking for phones. Hot desking gives your employees the ability to literally log into any shared phone in your system and use it as their own. They will be able to both receive and make calls, messages, etc. IP phone can get information about your profile, extension, etc. You can log into the system from any endpoint but still get your profile-specific information. Your extension is the one that you are currently using. Your employees will be able to share a common phone with access to their own extension, voicemail, settings, call, etc. All they will need is to have a Hot Desk Directory number (DN) and Pin code to log in to a hot desk available telephone. When they log into the phone they will be able to: -Make and receive calls -Retrieve Voicemail -Set and use feature keys


Using Hot desk features, your employees should be able to set their phone extension at any phone in the shared system. This will give them the ability to be always available both for you and your customers without the need to carry their physical phone or computer with them. Now let’s bring forward the benefits of Hot desking, which will have a great impact on your business.

No more investment in hardware

With hot desking, there is no longer need to buy new hardware and facilities. Easily scale up and down, your business will not suffer anymore from those changes.

Equal usage per phone

In this way, you can maximize the usage per each phone. How? Your employees, who are often on the go or are working part-time, can use shared phones when working in an office.

More personalized phone experience

Though your employees will use the phone of another employee they will have access to their own extension, voicemail, calls, etc.

Even more mobility and flexibility

This feature is very to learn and implement, thus your employees learn quickly and log into any shared phone from wherever they are able to work.

Portrayed Professionalism

You do not have to worry about your corporate image while using hot desking. You can easily maintain the professionalism of one single corporate number even in case of co-working at a shared office.

Increased productivity across the company

Your employees of different departments will be able to work in a wide range of spaces while visiting different offices and being accessible from any Hot desk available phone. That’s just to name a few benefits of Hot desking; The main advantage is the collaboration among your employees. When moving from one department to another your employees will get to know each other better and collaborate easier on future projects. Moreover, your employees will gain new skills while chasing from department to department. You see? A whole list of benefits and that’s not all. Use hot desking in your favor. Make the most of it. Let Hot Desk boost your company’s productivity. Keep up with your competitors, invest less, get more.

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