In the past, there was a substantial barrier for any business attempting to grow beyond the limitations of a typical call center. The physical requirements of a call center along with the regional restrictions in finding qualified workers could slow the process of scaling a business, or make the cost so high it was impossible for those businesses to grow.

Fortunately with hosted PBX and cloud hosted call center technologies, it is now possible to scale this type of operation much more easily remotely. Here are four benefits of this type of technology and why it is helping small and medium sized businesses grow faster.

Reduced Cost to Setup

In a traditional premise-based model there was a much higher cost to getting started. Up-front capital could be a major stumbling block for even a larger mid-sized business. Cloud hosted PBX makes that less of a concern. Cloud technology reduces hardware and software requirements and opens up new functionality for businesses that in the past would not have been able to afford it.

Using advanced APIs to match your current in-house systems, cloud systems integrate more seamlessly and administration is simpler and lower in cost.

Scales Rapidly

Business hosted PBX may require upgrades or additions, and traditional call center setups are incredibly costly and time consuming to update and scale when the time comes. That's why cloud hosted PBX is such a good solution. It allows businesses to grow more rapidly and adjust on the fly to the needs of their customers.

If a sudden increase in capacity is needed, the system can support it without additional hardware or software purchases.

Allows for Automation

Using cloud hosted systems, you can automate much of your call center activity. Whether you have contractors available 24 hours or not, your automated system can take calls any time of the day, any day of the week. This allows you to streamline your efforts and offer better service for your customers without increasing costs.

Auto-attendant technology, automatic call distribution, automated queuing of calls, and general application integration allow you to turn your call center into a robust solution for your team's efforts.

Focus Employees on their Best Tasks

When you hire staff, you look for a range of characteristics. Talking on the phone likely isn't one of them, unless they are in account management or sales. For the rest of your team – whether it's someone building a website or manning a front desk, time spent on the phone is time not spent doing the things that they are best at.

As a result this becomes quite costly and can reduce productivity for your entire team. A call center moves this burden to an expert who you don't have to pay to be on-site 40 hours a week.

Learn More About Cloud Hosted PBX for Your Business

If you are preparing to scale your business and are interested in learning more about how cloud hosted PBX can help you do so, contact us today and ask to receive a quote. We'll help you explore the benefits of cloud PBX for your call center and what the integration with your current setup will require.

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