Companies, businesses, and all other transactions were striving well over the offline space before the Coronavirus stepped in and destabilized activities.
The Covid-19 pandemic led to a partial shutdown of economic activities which further grew into a total lockdown. Employees had to send their workers home, and offline activities were canceled; this means that workers can no longer go to their respective offices, business partners couldn't converge face to face to make decisions, or have business meetings.
However, employees ought to maintain control of their organizations and business. They need to maintain constant economic growth that created the need to seek alternative ways to run the company without the workers physically present.
Before the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people, most especially employers of labour who own big companies, businesses, organisations, or offices have been deeply skeptical about VoIP and the possibility of workers carrying out their duties effectively while working remotely via VoIP, but after the Covid set in, VoIP proved to be the only way people would be able to send workers home and still maintain control. This newly found alternative was readily adopted. Covid 19 on the other hand helped us grow as lots of people who were skeptical of VoIP technology started using it after the Covid crisis.

VoIP; a promising way to work remotely with flexibility, and without interruptions?

This article details how VoIP helped employers and businesses maintain control over their activities during this pandemic despite sending their workers home.
The abbreviation "VOIP" may be new to some whereas to others it isn't, VoIP stands for 'Voice over internet protocol'.
VoIP is a proven technology that lets anyone place phone calls over an internet connection. Following the rise of broadband, VoIP is the one-stop choice of phone service communication for business owners, workers, and consumers. VoIP is preferred by several people over traditional lines.

How VoIP helped employers in the face of Covid 19.

Talking about how VoIP allows employees to work remotely, yet giving the employers full control of their organisation while having employees under the same roof. This was achieved by using their systems accompanied by the tools which come with our business phone service system.
One of the ways this was achieved is through our SMS 2-way chatting feature;
This is a great feature that helps employers traverse information, hold discussions, give orders, and receive feedback from the employees.
Our  system is packed with two platforms, which are the voice side and the sms side. The voice side on its own has 45+ business features and tools aimed solely at improving communication, the SMS side which comes with bulk messaging services, and the more interesting 2-way chat over existing business phone numbers.
The bulk messaging service doesn't only help communication amongst employers and employees, but it's also a great feature for keeping in touch with customers en masse.
Also, VoIP telephony ensured efficient and effective communication, as well as business continuity all through the Covid period as it helped in:

  • Improving customer interaction

As customers couldn't access companies nor offices due to the lockdown imposed during the pandemic, these customers had tensions running high and wanted instant feedback on all their queries.
Our AI integration to handle speech and deep integration with outside system features came in handy, combined with the auto-attendant feature of our VoIP Solutions. These ensured that customers were directed to the most suitable person to attend to them (these include employees working remotely).
This AI and the auto-attendant feature can be used to set up calls,  and in addition, ensure voicemails are delivered to your smartphone, so as to make sure that regardless of your location, you get texts, and messages as well as return calls.

  • Facilitating remote work and improving flexibility

Unlike other companies, Covid reflected in a positive way for us,
Our professional features such as IVR(voice menus) call center features gave businesses and organisations the flexibility to run their activities smoothly.
VoIP is an indispensable tool for organisations that have rolled out work from the traditional office setup. Through VoIP platforms and systems, remote workers can easily take up calls and join meetings from anywhere, at any time.
Many businesses were shy to adopt VoIP because it depends on their internet and in case the internet is down, they have fears they will lose calls. For that reason mango9 has implemented what's called a failover system which will detect any internet outage before you know, and transfer incoming calls to predetermined numbers to insure redundancy and loss of business, thereby rebutting all those fears and concerns.
Our technology allowed businesses to grow even during covid lockdowns because we are fast, flexible and reliable, with 24/7 customer support. Our google review speaks for the quality.
Remote employers can take advantage of our system's flexibility and continue their work without interruptions.
Our system can integrate with crms such as Zoho, salesforce, and comes with our state of the art click to dial chrome app which makes calling a breeze. Only a click and your phone will turn on and call the number.

    • Reducing expenses

      Switching to a hosted VoIP infrastructure is one of the best ways to cut back on expenses. The upfront costs are minimal as the service is delivered over an existing data network. Need help choosing or setting up a VoIP today? Contact us.A  great advantage of choosing us is that all these other companies charge for extra features, but with us, all of our features are included: Unlimited calling nationwide + Canada, Plus all the business features

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