Have you ever happened to call a company, or somewhere, and get a recorded announcement followed by a song, tune, or signal? Have you ever gotten something like "Please remain on the line, your call will be answered in the order it was received"? If yes, this simply means your call was in a queue, waiting to be answered.

A call queue is another representative of the VoIP feature family. It keeps incoming calls in line when your employees are busy with other calls so they can be answered when your employees are through with the ones they are dealing with. When the busy extensions become available, all queued calls are distributed accordingly.

For each created queue, you can setup a specific extension, feature greetings, music on hold, etc. You can also set up an option for your agents, allowing them to log themselves in or out of queues if needed. Just like ring groups, call queues also have their own voicemail box. Knowing the time for the next call will be quite easy as you'll be able to determine how much time your agents will need between two calls, and also, the maximum number of callers in the queue. You can also set up a secondary queue just in case the first one becomes overloaded.

If after a while, a caller is still in a queue, an announcement turns on after a preset period of time. This will continue to go on until the queued call is answered or until the maximum number of calls in queue expires.

Call queuing serves as the perfect solution for call centers, since they are usually loaded with a huge amount of incoming calls. One of the good things about call queuing is that you can configure the feature based on your algorithms, such as round robin, sequentially, and a lot of other useful call center strategies.

It provides your company with a professional image and allows you to deliver a better, courteous, and efficient customer service.


We are all customers of a particular company or service, therefore, we know how boring, and sometimes annoying, a customer service experience can be. Instead of making your own customer experience be like that, why don't you break away from the norm and come up with a better solution that is way better than the standard? VoIP gives you the freedom and the power to make your customer greetings impressive. You also have the option of setting a pre-recorded, customized announcement or music for each queue; and if you like, you can keep the default option.


The intelligence of the call queue feature lies in the possibility to set up your business rules. Putting it in another way, for better understanding, call queuing allows you to configure your waiting time and extensions, meet the requirements of your special clients, etc. You can also take advantage of the monitoring and analytical tools that can be used to measure your call statistics. Doing this will allow you to make more effective decisions while answering the calls in queue. All of these actions and features are there to help your employees make data-driven decisions, minimize waiting time, and boost the satisfaction of your callers.


Whether the customized music or announcements are on or not, you might end up having some customers who would prefer not to wait but instead, prefer to leave a message or call back later. Just like every other VoIP feature, this one also promotes flexibility. Call queuing allows your callers to leave you voicemail messages. And since voicemails can be easily transmitted to your email, you'll be able to answer them almost immediately. This provides your customers with the ability and the freedom to control their time and not get annoyed with waiting for your agents to provide answers to their queries. Doing this will result in customer satisfaction.


Can you just imagine how infuriated and disappointed your customers will be when after waiting in the queue for a long time, their call gets picked but it turns out it wasn't picked by the right person? Discouraging, right? You can prevent your customers from having such bad experiences. All you have to do is make use of the seamless transfer opportunity the call queuing feature is equipped with. The transfer option allows the call to be transferred to an extension where the customer's query can be attended to.

With call queuing, you'll be building a solid foundation on which you'll be able to take your call center to a higher level of efficiency. For most providers, call queuing is an add-on feature. Here at mango9, we have chosen to include call queuing as a standard feature in all of our plans.

No more missed or unanswered calls. Just a few minutes in the queue and all of your customers will be satisfied and happy.


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