Regardless of your industry or business type, you’ve surely heard about hosted telephony solutions that have revolutionized the telecom industry thanks to its high voice quality and convenience. Hosted solutions are a part of VoIP phone system, which enables cheap, flexible, and scalable functionalities operating with an Internet connection. Internet speed is crucially important for your hosted phone system voice quality. Day by day, it is becoming one of the most popular attributes for businesses of all sizes. Why is it the right time for your business to make the leap to hosted phone services?

Why should you move your business to hosted phone services?

First off, with technological developments, more and more companies are adopting cloud solutions to maintain a competitive edge. Even the mightiest businesses aren’t immune from technology and market changes. For businesses, it’s crucial to be highly reactive to ever-changing trends. No matter what it is: switch from traditional marketing to digital, cloud migration, flexible working or phone systems, companies should embrace technological trends to keep up with the competition. And among these technological trends is hosted telephony solution. It has emerged and become popular for a couple of benefits that overlap legacy phone system. In the past, networks allowed only several number of lines for several number of extensions, which includes a big Capex to implement. High line rentals, call charges, and maintenance charges usually apply. After all, business has to go through everything again to upgrade and implement a new system, which in turn comes with additional charges. Here is where hosted telephony solutions comes into play. You can avoid all these hassles with automatic upgrades current with the latest technological innovations. You are highly flexible and gain a peace of mind with advanced technologies of hosted solutions. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of hosted telephony solutions.

Gain productivity with high flexibility

Flexibility has become one of the essentials of today’s working system. More and more employees work remotely. It is crucial to provide favorable conditions for them to work and be highly productive. Advanced phone features such as call routing, call forwarding, and find me/follow me will enable them to answer their calls, help customers, and collaborate with other workers. Features like hunt group routes calls among your employees more efficiently. It identifies the least recently active user and routes the call to them. Hosted telephony systems also come with great disaster recovery solutions, as the calls can be easily transmitted from one premise to another. For instance, in case your office Internet connection is  disabled, you can easily route your incoming calls to another office or your cell phone without losing a single call. Switching to hosted solutions, hosted PBX, Velantro

Scale up and down without any worries

Usually, in case of on-site or traditional phone systems, it is a huge headache to add or remove users. This means wasted time and expense. Hosted telephony system can grow with your business. All you need is to simply add or remove users from an admin portal that is web-based and accessible from anywhere. This is an extremely handy solution for seasonal companies. They can scale their services or employees accordingly.

Have full control over your expenses

Among the barriers of switching from on-premise solutions to hosted ones is the unwillingness to again spend a huge amount of money. Yes, it’s true that you should invest on hosted services, but you only invest once - no more additional charges during the use of it. In contrast with on-premise solutions, hosted services free you from software upgrades, charges for additional features, and adding or removing users. All these advantages of hosted services are free and automatic. You don’t have to worry about any updates, upgrades, or additional features. Everything is all-inclusive. Your expenditures are transparent. No hidden charges.

Move to the Cloud and enjoy the security

Many businesses are considering shifting to hosted telephony solutions, but they have some doubts about moving to Cloud. They worry about their data security, and other important things. They are right. But nowadays, hosted services manage all the stages of cloud migration. They provide security, disaster recovery plans, porting services, and other requirements. And all these processes are being implemented in the shortest period of time: in just a few business days. Your data is being stored in the cloud. IT professionals keep your information safe and secure. Even hosting providers may ensure a mirrored server to work constantly in another location, so that if the primary servers fail the mirrored one will be running and no data lost. We have discussed the main reasons of switching to hosted services. What do you think is it the right time for your business to take the bold step and enjoy the advantages that hosted phone solutions provide? We are sure your answer is yes. So here you go, don’t waste any more time. Do the right thing for your business.

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