Nowadays a lot of businesses have already reaped the benefits of cloud-based phone features. Yet there are some VoIP features that remain underrated even though they can have an immense effect on business productivity and customer service. One of these features is Shared Line Appearances.  At first glance, it seems too simple to help businesses, but the key is in its simplicity. The aim of this post is to draw attention to this beneficial feature which is able to revolutionize business communication.


Shared Line Appearances (SLA) is a VoIP feature allowing, multiple devices or phone lines to be registered under one extension. Shared Line Appearance expands the location, device and line possibilities for a user. All the devices or lines share the same line appearance that’s why they are behaving as an extension of the single line or user. This means you are able to have your office phone, mobile, and home phone to share the same line, you are able to make and receive calls as yourself from any of these devices. You are also able to assign another phone line from your office to your own line to answer calls on their behalf or vice versa.

Usually, telephones have a Busy lam field (BLF) feature which is a part of SLA. The BLF turns on when the line is in use. This means that you will be able to see when the call is answered from another device. How? When you are on the line a light flashes green, when someone else using it the light flashes red. The same mechanism also refers to putting a caller on hold. Moreover, you can place a call on hold from one device and retrieve it from another one.


- Share incoming calls among multiple users/devices

- View the status of phone lines shared among multiple users

- Put call on hold from one phone then retrieve it from another


Are you always on the go or do you work in multiple offices?

If you are a kind of person who is either constantly on the go from one of your offices to another or frequently working from your house, you will make the most of this feature. It will allow you to make and receive calls from your offices’ phones, mobile device, home phone or any other device of your preference.

Do you want others to make and receive calls on your behalf?

Executive assistants, receptionists, and other staff members would definitely like this feature. They will no longer wait for you to make and receive urgent calls from your own phone number. Your assistant will manage all your calls while you are away or just on a conference. All you need is to share your phone line with him/her.

Do you need a certain team to be able to share the same phone number?

Let suppose you own a business that is not dealing with a huge volume of call flow. Then you can use one phone number for your team. All of your team members will be able to send and receive calls and also be aware of who is on the line at the moment.

What can you derive from SLA?

Shared Line Appearances may be a huge asset to both small and large businesses. It brings a list of benefits to make your business thrive. Let’s try to find out what benefits you can derive from this feature

- Easy-to-use mechanism

- No longer missed calls thus better customer service

- One line for multiple extensions

- Easy to add, edit extensions within the shared group

- Efficient way to distribute calls among group members

Are you surprised with all the functionalities and benefits that you can get with Shared Line Appearances? And do you know what? You are right. This is an amazing feature to handle your call flow. This feature is mostly included in the basic plans of VoIP providers and mango9 is not an exception. Use VoIP and forget about calling difficulties.

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