Voice over IP (VoIP) is still a hot topic since it has become the new default backbone for business communication. Not so long ago, VoIP was just innovation that most businesses found suspicious․ Today, it is an ordinary part of business thanks to its benefits like cost-cutting, flexibility, mobility, scalability, etc. VoIP is going to grow as businesses make the most of VoIP services to enhance their communication. Learn what will spin around VoIP in 2018.


The era of plain old telephone service (POTS) is coming to an end. In July 2017, Illinois became one of 20 states to authorize the end of copper land line services. This will enable VoIP providers to develop and define the future of communications technology. According to a report by Software Advice, 36% U.S. businesses choose VoIP as the main mean of communication. Twenty-four percent of businesses are still choosing PSTN. POTS can’t provide voice and video technologies that VoIP offers. That’s why the number of PSTN users will reduce while the number of VoIP users will increase.


5G will likely come into market next year. It is expected that the new generation of wireless systems will stream voice, video, and data 10 times faster. This means that it will eliminate choppy voice, jitteriness, data transfer losses, and even dropped calls. VoIP was previously associated with poor voice quality, but VoIP vendors today are working constantly to improve VoIP’s Quality of Service (QoS). With 5G network, the quality will be tangibly improved and eliminate the doubts around VoIP voice quality. More and more VoIP providers will offer VoLTE and HDVoice services. This way they will deliver first-class voice UX over cellular networks.


There is a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence. This year will also be full of AI speculation. Are you trying to guess what AI can bring to VoIP? Let’s explore together. AI can help identify an issue automatically without a human interaction. It can troubleshoot QoS issues because of network problems or latency. This one is just incredible. AI might be used to improve Unified communications (UC) applications. It can analyze speech patterns in voice calls and emails in real-life. This analysis will help gather important insights into your sales and marketing efforts and boost customer service. AI will be used instead of auto attendants. These types of auto-attendants can handle FAQ-type queries of customers. Your agents will be available for more complex queries. VoIP, IoT, AI, 5G technologies


According to the IoT forecast by Ericsson, almost 29 billion connected devices are expected by 2022, of which around 18 billion will be related to IoT. Let’s find out how VoIP will be in the center of this connectivity. Enterprises will make the most of VoIP integration with IoT. Businesses will be able to book desk space and reserve space for trade shows. In those reserved spaces, workers use IoT mobile apps to control lighting, setup, and maybe more.  IP manufacturers are working on solutions to integrate IP devices with other third-party applications as well. You might integrate CRM, CTI, etc. with your IP devices to do more and get more.


With the lightning-fast development of mobile market, it might not be a surprise that IP phone manufacturers are working on integration with mobile devices. Your IP devices will be integrated with iOS and Android OS devices and applications. The smartphone market will grow each year and that’s why VoIP providers will need to provide primary functions of software desktop version for mobiles too. Most of the functionalities such as data analysis, CRM integration, project planning, and more are already available. Research by Google stated that 70% of mobile users prefer “Click to call” functionality to be available on main websites of companies. Other demanding functionalities are enhanced team collaboration, content sharing, etc. Continuity will be another mobile UC related trend. As Apple defined it, it’s the ability to begin a task on one device and then continue on another. Like transferring a call from a desk phone to a mobile phone while keeping it live. Other real-time featured will also be implemented. This is just a small part of what VoIP providers are preparing. With the advent of other technologies, VoIP will continue to grow and provide even more powerful functionalities to its users. Start benefiting from VoIP today. No more wasted time on time-consuming technologies. Are you ready to make the best experience of phone system with us? Then contact us right now!

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