Wholesale Termination Worldwide

High quality sip trunks

Our network is carrier and provider agnostic. We can provide you with direct premium and standard decks for call centers and conversational traffic. We use some of the best technology in the world to route your calls and connect them via our low latency and carrier class network.

Our customers are provided with multiple IP addresses to round robin and failover for best experience and higher ASR rates. Our NOC is 24/7 and tickets are rapidly escalated to proper departments. We currently accept PayPal, Credit Cards and Wire transfers.


Protocols:  SIP, H323, SS7

Codecs: G729a, 711u/a, 722HD, 723, 726, Silk, Speex, GSM  

Call Per Second:  5000CPS

Concurrency Limit:  Unlimited

Connectivity:  Registration or IP based

Redundancy:  Multi Homed / Auto Failover


Premium Conversational Traffic

Direct IP Voice

Designed for businesses whose retail customers demand the highest possible quality and enhanced features such as CLI presentation.

Premium IP Voice

Quality-focused route ideal for consumer services. We constantly monitor our traffic to ensure we deliver high ASRs, ACDs, and low PDD.

Standard IP Voice

Ideal for price-conscious customers. We do our utmost to ensure each route delivers calls for your customers at the lowest cost.


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Rate starting at $0.0075 (Flat)

Call Center Traffic

We terminate your short calls with direct routes to our CLEC partners and interconnected partners. While most carriers avoid receiving short calls in general. Velantro delivers exceptional quality even on your short calls with highly competitive market rates.

Asia optimized Network which allows us to interconnect those important conversations for call centers across the globe. We are in most cases able to deliver HD voice via our carrier grade network and equipments.

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