What is Mango9?

Modern Deviceless Telephony
simple, yet powerful

Mango9 is your go-to for top-notch telecom in the US and Canada. Specializing in niche industries, we boost efficiency and growth. Our services pack a punch with features like Click to Call, Loadlynx, IVR, custom hold music, call center functions, and local/remote extensions. Plus, we seamlessly sync with popular loadboards like DAT, Truckstop, and Truckers Edge.

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Industry Automation Tools

In the fast-paced world of transportation, Load Lynx has your back. Designed for busy pros, it monitors load boards while you're on the move. Whether you're away from your computer or on the road, Load Lynx instantly alerts you via our speedy app, beating SMS hands down. It seamlessly integrates with major load boards like DAT, ensuring you never miss a beat in the fast lane of transport.

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Simple, Flexible, Feature Rich
Mobile First

Mango9 offers a game-changing solution for the transportation industry! Our cloud phone system, SMS, and Load Notifications keep you ahead. Book and grab new loads effortlessly with our user-friendly apps. Total automation from onboarding to management, plus 24/7 outstanding support. Sign up or try 9 days for Free!

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The integration of miracles and science

Bring your own devices

Mango9 Is a flexible cloud based hosted platform that integrates with your existing services allowing an ocean of possibities for for calling, texting, native apps, sms marketing, customer service and sales automation.

Worldwide Presence

Allowing you to connect multiple client offices or locations
together as if they were one. This means you low latency and high quality conversations for your users.
Redundancy, failovers, backups and SLA available.

Purpose Built & Industry Specific

Mango9 recognizes the unique needs of transportation carriers, brokers and dispatchers.
Our phone system accommodates multiple companies per phone and assigns different numbers to each user.
The platform supports different caller IDs and isolates multiple carrier/broker scenarios.
Our efax service supports both online and traditional faxing methods.

Favorite Features Include

- Click to Call from Load Board

- LoadLynx (Rapid Load Notification)

- IVR (Automated Attendant)

- Voicemail to Email

- Call Groups (e.g., Dispatch, Accounting)

- Remote Extensions (for Home-Based Workers)

- System Portal (with Live Calls and Analytics)

- Call Recording

- Hold Queues

- Multi-Company Support

- iPhone and Android, Windows, Mac Apps.

and many more...

Get new local, toll free, vanity numbers or port your existing numbers to your Mango9 phone system for free. see features.

Smart and integrated telephony allows instant deployment of advanced features for your users. PBX, Calling and texting APPs, SMS Marketing and more.
Smart phone number management like no other.

Mango9 apps allow seamless integration of our SDKs with your apps or integrate your services in to our apps. Allow your users to handle incoming and outbound communications much more efficiently. See features and productivity apps.

Mobile and Desktop Applications

Mango9 Messaging

Unleash cloud messaging compaigns Communicate en masse!

Mango9 sms platform gives you a cloud based chat portal that allows chats on your business phone line. Yes. Receiving and answer
incoming text messages like any chat app. Thus, Turning your dummy business phonelines into intelligent AI enabled business messaging
systems Integrated with Google AI.

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Powerful APIs




Our features

Give a boost to your business communication with carrier-grade VoIP features.

Address your customers’ needs instantly applying highly-regarded VoIP features in your everyday business communication.

  • Call Center
  • Call Recording
  • Web Phone
  • Click To Call
  • 45+ features
  • IP Phones
  • Call history
    & reports
  • Forwarding
    & follow me
  • Voicemail
    to Email