Why you need to register phone numbers for sms

It's essential for businesses to register their phone numbers for Application-to-Person (A2P) texting not just to comply with federal rules, but also to ensure close to 100% message delivery. This registration is a must to align with the law and to guarantee that your messages reach your customers effectively. By registering, you're playing by the rules and significantly boosting the chances that your communications will be successfully delivered and seen by your audience. It's a key step in maintaining both legal compliance and effective customer engagement.

Businesses that engage in unregistered texting can face significant fines. This is because unregistered texts often violate carrier and regulatory guidelines.

These fines are imposed to discourage spam and unauthorized messaging, ensuring that all communications are legitimate and compliant.

In summary, registering helps avoid costly fines, high deliverability and ensures adherence to legal with industry standards.