Marketing is an essential part of every business, although it is often considered as complex and time consuming. Undoubtedly, big businesses can hire a marketing team and they will handle marketing activities. But what about small businesses or startups? Getting the word out about your company and products is not an easy task at all. Knowing which marketing tool to use for the best results can be quite costly. Lucky you, nowadays there are many effective marketing tools that give businesses the ability to close more deals without breaking the bank. We bet you can’t guess what’s the best marketing tool to boost your business, can you? Have you ever thought about your VoIP phone system? Yeah, it is the most common marketing tool that businesses use to give themselves a major boost. Below are some ideas on how VoIP can be integrated into your marketing strategy.

Easily track marketing results

VoIP provides opportunities to track your marketing success. By using analytics that VoIP provides, it will become easier to track the number of received calls, track your sales team, tap-in live calls, and evaluate your customer service. Thus, you will be able understand how you should direct your budget and make data-driven decisions. After you know where your calls come from, how your employees deliver customer service, etc., you will be able to focus on strategies that work for your business.

Make the best use of VoIP features

You are already aware of the wide range of VoIP features. Now it is time to understand which one can help you boost your marketing.

Customize IVR to meet your needs

IVR is usually the first thing that customers interact with when they call your company. Do you realize that it can highly affect the way people perceive your business? Properly customizing your auto attendant will help enhance your business. They should be set to route the calls to the appropriate extensions and department. Even more importantly, you can increase its effectiveness by adding brief greetings and an easy menu. You can also put slogans and sales information into your IVR if they are short and concise and can easily grab customers’ attention.

Stop using elevator music when callers are on hold

Don’t let you customers listen to the boring elevator music - or worse, dead silence. Use the chance to improve your customer service by adding customized announcements or music. You can insert messages about your company, products, services, promotions, events, etc. You can even lighten the mood and put funny facts about your company or industry. It is important to remember that your message must be brief and interesting, so do not overwhelm your callers with long and annoying messages. Be quick, catchy, and unique. Trust us, your customers will want to learn more about your company or your products.

Use a toll-free number

Gone are the days when big companies used toll-free numbers. VoIP allows SMBs to get their own toll-free numbers at affordable prices. By obtaining this number, you will seem bigger and even more trustworthy in the eyes of your customers. Toll-free numbers will not only help position you as a reliable and big company, but also increase your market reach and accessibility. Your customers will be able to call you no matter if they are local or not without additional cost. Your toll-free number can also help your marketing campaigns. All you need to get is a vanity toll-free number and use it in your advertisements. This will attract your customers and be more memorable than random numbers.

Take an advantage of click-to-call

Surely you know about click-to-call and the way it works. But do you know that it can also improve your marketing strategy? You just need to add a click-to-call extension/button to your website, online advertisements, or email signature. It will make you even more reachable for your customers. No more difficulties in searching your phone number, dialing it, etc. The chance that they will call you increases with click-to-call button. Just a click and they are on line.

Get even more resources on marketing

When switching to VoIP, you cut major costs on your phone system. You can add those savings to your marketing budget and get new opportunities to market your company and make it thrive. VoIP can help you save money in contrast with traditional landline phone systems. Use your budget reasonably. Your phone system can help promote your business. Now you know that phones are not solely for making and receiving calls. Use the abovementioned points to pave the road for your business success via VoIP phone system.

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