So, you want to change your provider but still want to keep your existing phone number and you don't know how to go about it; maybe the phone number is one you have been using for years, and it has become very important as it is your hotline and most of your customers recognize your company through it. If you find yourself in a situation like this, then there's good news for you. You can now port your current number! Great, right? With this development, you will not need to go through the stress of announcing the change of your company's phone number to every customer. And to make it better, you can have any provider of your choice while still using your existing phone number. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? As a matter of fact, not all providers offer free porting services. The cost may be a one-time payment fee or a monthly service fee. Paying this fee will allow you to keep your ported number. So, before switching to a new provider, you need to have the following in mind; - Providers may charge you for porting your number - Once you place for a request to be ported to a new company, your current company cannot refuse your request, even if you have to pay an early exit charge. - Your personal information must be the same in both companies. If the number you are going to transfer is registered in another person's name, you are going to need the permission of that person. - In addition to your porting fee, you might also be charged for breaching of contract. THE PORTING PROCESS First off, you'll need to get a Letter of Authorization for your new provider. The LoA is a document that allows/authorizes your new VoIP provider to act on your behalf; it gives your new provider the ability to request for your existing telephone number from your current provider. This document usually includes personal data fields that are required to be filled out including your name, address, telephone numbers, and a signature. This document is faxed from your current provider to the new provider. Most providers will also ask for a copy of your phone bill so as to have the right information which must align with the one with your existing phone company and your port request. After the request has been submitted, the next step is to wait for the Film Order Commitment (FOC). The porting process is already going on in this stage although there will be no specific date of completion. The porting process is not always a smooth one. As a matter of fact, there might be issues that can lead to the abortion of the porting process. There are majorly two types of errors; - The first one comes up when the number is not portable to a certain provider. These errors are usually not solvable; these errors may occur as a result of the company not being able to cover a particular area, maybe the number no longer exist, etc. - Error number two deals with certain service problems such as a distinctive ring or another pending order on the same number. These kind of errors are usually easier to fix than the first type. THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE SWITCHING TO ANOTHER PROVIDER Attention! Do not disconnect from your current provider until your number has been successfully ported. Before moving to a new place, ensure that your new service provider covers that area, else the porting will not be implemented. HOW LONG DOES THE PORTING PROCESS TAKE? Porting usually takes up to 10 working days. During the porting period, you will not miss any calls as you will be provided with a temporary phone number which all of your calls will be forwarded to. Porting depends mostly on your current provider, which your new provider has no control on. So if there is any form of delay, your current provider should be held responsible. Mango9 is a provider that provides porting services at no cost. You also do not need to worry about your location as we cover all of the fifty US states; our services also extend to Canada. We work hard to ensure that the porting process is very fast, and is done with minimal hassles. We also interact with our clients by informing them about any possible delay and letting them know when the porting process is complete. When it comes to businesses, keeping the same number which your customers already know can be very beneficial, so instead of going for a new number, most businesses decide to port their numbers. You can too; stay loyal to your phone number without diminishing your company's image. Port your number today.

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