Cloud PBX offers significant benefits for small and medium sized businesses over traditional phone service. With several important features that allow your business to operate anywhere, anytime, without having to increase costs or expenses, you can get more out of your budget with Mango9's cutting edge solutions. Make Your Phone System Work for You Customize and setup your phone system using the industry's most advanced communications system. With easy to use PBX technology that opens in your browser, works with existing software APIs, and more, you can use your phones how they are needed. Reduce Costs and Streamline Payments Choose the plan that makes the most sense for your business without getting stuck in a long term, inflexible contract. Get access to the world's most advanced PBX software and systems without paying what the big corporations do. Offer Your Customers the Very Best Your cloud PBX system will help streamline forwarding calls with intelligent routing, customize experiences for your customers based on location, and ensure faster and better responses to their inquiries. One System for Many Offices No matter where you are located, bring everyone together with the centralized communications tools of your new cloud PBX system. Whether you work with contractors or have employees in remote locations, this system will help route calls accordingly. Protect Against Disaster Imagine losing access to your phone systems or voicemails in case of an emergency or disaster. With cloud PBX that will never again be a concern as you'll have immediate access to all of your data virtually in the cloud. Immune to power failures, network issues, or other big problems, your cloud PBX system will handle anything you throw at it. Integrate with Existing Software and Media You can integrate email with voicemail, as well as fax systems and your employees' SMS notifications all through your new cloud PBX platform. You can also collect data through call recording and integrate with all of your existing SIP devices and programs. Take and Route More Calls With auto attendant and other automation technologies, you can accept and process all of your incoming calls faster and with less drop off than ever before. Call transfers are easy and hold-music and actions are customizable from your dashboard. Organize Your Teams You can create however many extensions, custom voicemail boxes, and automation tools you need with the power of Mango9's cloud PBX system. Upgrade Your Communications Today Whatever you are currently using for your communications system, Cloud PBX is the best way to upgrade it and boost your business without breaking the bank. Learn more by signing up to try Mango9's PBX services today for free.

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