mango9, a cloud business phone service provider, now offers superior, specialized business phone service catered for the trucking and transportation companies of all sizes. Thanks to its innovative click to call applications and its nationwide specialized rapid calling networks trucking companies and dispatchers can book more loads - because it all comes down to the speed of dialing in this first come first serve industry.

GLENDALE, Calif., Aug. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The trucking and transportation sectors are highly competitive, and businesses of all sizes need to capitalize on technology and telecommunications to thrive.

One of the most sensitive areas is that of speed dialing when using load boards and fast calling networks: once a load posted on load boards, trucking companies and dispatchers have literally seconds to respond and the fastest usually gets the job. Therefore, it is crucial to have the right telecommunications partner that will help owners and dispatch take their business to the next level.

Why do certain companies succeed and thrive in this area? Because they have partnered with mango9, the licensed telecommunications interconnected operator in the United States and Canada. mango9 now offers superior, specialized business phone service providing the trucking and transportation companies of all sizes with the competitive advantage to call faster, which means more loads and more productivity.

mango9 beats the traditional telco by double digits while 0 to talking is under 2 seconds with its speed of dialing, connection speed and 100% HD voice quality. Cloud managed service 24/7/365 enables trucking companies and brokers to enjoy its all-inclusive features while focusing on business and stay headache free. These features include the automatic voice response system also known as IVR, custom music on hold, call center features, local extensions or remote, and many more.

mango9 prides itself in serving over 2000+ trucking companies Nationwide and integrating all load boards by default, such as DAT, trucktop, truckers'edge and many more. Enterprise-level communication has been its core value to enable smaller size companies to take advantage of the same technology only available to larger companies in the past.

As George Gabrielyan, CEO of mango9, Inc emphasizes, "Our services are built around the trucking industry's needs and our customer reviews speak for its quality of service. Since its inception, our goal has been to maintain an ultra-fast calling technology, tools and integrations to give our clients the competitive edge in this first-come and serve fast-paced industry."

Moreover, 45+ features are offered with 0 extra fees, 0 nonsense added fees. mango9 practices a very straightforward approach where all calling plans come with an "all you can eat" base which includes unlimited calling within the US 50 states and Canada, starting at $29.99 and as low as $19.99 per user.

For trucking brokers and dispatchers, mango9's systems allow different caller IDs and complete isolation of multiple carrier/broker on the same desk phones to support multi entity scenarios should the need arise, while only paying per user/device, and can house multiple extensions, voicemails, and totally different entities and greetings per company. At the same time, mango9 offers an eFax service for 19,99$ per month which allows unlimited faxes every month.

The industry's favorite mango9 services are: Click to Call, IVR (automated attendant), Voicemail to email, Call Groups (dispatch, accounting), Remote extensions (for home-based workers), System Portal (live calls, analytics), Operator Panel, Call recording, Hold queues, Multi-Company support, iPhone and Android App Support and the list goes on and on.

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mango9 is a licensed telecommunications interconnected operator in the United States and Canada. A business phone service provider powered by tomorrow's technology that offers state-of-the-art solutions catered for trucking and transportation companies from small to large. A valuable partner helping thousands of companies to grow and become more effective in booking more loads and become more productive and organized.

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