“Ever see those buttons on a website that say click2call, but when you click on them, it’s really click, give them your phone number and they’ll call you back. Not really what the name suggests. You thought it would be just like your smart phone, you click and you’re calling. Well guess what, thanks to Mango9’s VConnect, the intelligent online calling widget, now from a laptop, desktop or tablet, as well as a smart phone, you just Click, Call and Connect! It’s just like a Skype call, only you don’t need to download an app or be part of a network,” says Artie Weitz, VP of Marketing at Mango9, Inc.

estara-amazon-click-to-call2 VConnect uses a cloud based VoIP HD voice technology to let you make a call directly from your browser.  The widget (button) can be placed on a website, in an email, in a video, in social media, in ads, almost anywhere you can put a link you can put a widget. If you’re a business that encourages customers to call, VConnect is the answer. It makes it easier, more cost efficient and trackable. Easier because it there’s no phone needed, just click and you’re calling. More cost efficient because online calls aren’t using your costly toll-free minutes, (FYI, Mango9 offers incredibly low, cost per minute toll-free numbers as well) and, international callers can use the widget for free online calls and not have to pay international long distance charges. Plus, everything is trackable through Google Analytics, Adwords and our own proprietary Analytics.

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