A lot of businesses are aware of the cost and damages that can happen to their public image when they are not compliant with the law. The company's leadership is usually responsible for the negative impact experienced by customers and the unethical behaviors exhibited by employees. This is why risk management has become a very important part of every business. Call recording helps the executive management with the maintenance of high-quality standards and risk management while ensuring compliances that are crucial to the success of their business.

Call recording is a feature that provides businesses with the ability to record both incoming and outgoing calls between their employees and their customers. This feature also allows for the downloading of recordings so as to be able to save them for future references.

You'll get an announcement before the automatic recording begins. This is to notify the callers, ensure that they agree with the recording and also ensure the legality of the process.


As we have mentioned earlier, call recording is one useful feature that can help a great deal with quality assurance and risk management purposes. But besides these two, there are a bunch of other benefits that can be derived from this awesome feature -some of which you may not be aware of.

Let's take a closer look at why your company or business needs call recording.


If you would like all of your calls to be recorded, all you'll have to do is set your configurations to "always record". But, if you only need some of your calls recorded, you can simply go to the configuration setting and set it to "on demand recordings". Note that if your VoIP provider allows this feature but you basically feel it's not useful, you can just turn it off.

For instance, mango9's call recording feature turns itself on automatically.

You also have the ability of setting up configurations that will provide an individual or multiple users with access to play back, download, or delete any recorded conversations. It is also possible to record inbound calls between two extensions within a company.

There's actually no limit to call recording!


Training new employees and getting them to be professionally involved in a business operation is one exercise that takes time. With conversations recorded in real time, for instance, the one recorded between you and your clients, you'll be able to make your training programs more professional and effective. You will also be able to detect the areas in which your employees can be described as weak and the areas that can be described as their strong points. This will help you enhance their professional skills and also help you with rewarding them.


Miscommunication and the undesirable results it brings are, unfortunately, unavoidable in every business. Most of them even end up in big lawsuits. Clarification of relationships between customers and employees is not an easy thing to do. Both parties are prone to taking a defensive position and avoid telling the truth.

How then, can you minimize the number of bad experiences such as this? Tada! Call recording!

Call recording is the perfect solution. With this feature, you can solve your customers' disputes by simply using your stored recordings. This will save you time and money that would have been spent on lawsuits.


You can use recordings to increase your sales in two ways:

First, you can record different conversations of your employees talking to whimsy customers, and use the recordings as training materials for other employees so they will be able to duplicate the successful case studies.

Secondly, you record the conversations had by your employees so as to be able to detect the cause of the decrease in sales. It might turn out not to be a case of market demand, on the contrary, it might turn out to be the lack of proper care and incompetency of your employees. It will help you make data-driven decisions and also help them improve on their performance. This is actually very important, most especially for your contact team.


In order to be able to deliver fantastic support to your clients/customers, you need to exercise active listening, that is being there for them every time. But what if the day has ended, or perhaps, the end of the week when all of your employees are tired, less attentive, and prone to missing really important information from the sales perspective, what would you do? Recording your calls ensures that you do not have to worry about every detail; you get to actively listen to your customers and also provide them with relevant responses.

For some businesses, call recording is just an ordinary VoIP feature. However, for most of businesses, call recording is more than a necessity. There is no doubt that these benefits of call recordings can be very tangible, regardless of the size of the business.

Add the call recording feature to your business today, identify your employees' full potential, enhance your customer experience, and ultimately increase your profits!

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