One of the many powerful features of a hosted PBX phone system is that you can manage virtual or toll free numbers through the system, giving people many different ways to call you. Why is this so important and how can it benefit your business, though? Here are some of the things that make this such a powerful addition to your communications platform. Localize Your Phone Number in Key Markets If you operate in several key markets, having a local phone number is important. Not only does it make your company look local if someone arrives on your website or views your profile in an online directory, it can help with search optimization. You can use local numbers or toll free numbers,cheap business voip provider on web pages that you drive traffic to with advertisements, or on location-specific pages of a website to always appear local. Make Calling Cost Free for Customers The last thing you want to do is make it hard or costly for a customer to reach out. If you are a small business operating globally, your phone number could do just this. That's why offering a number of local or toll free phone numbers by small business voip system to specific countries for your customers can reduce their costs and improve your customer satisfaction rate. Manage a Remote Team with Shared Numbers Remote work is becoming more prevalent and a big part of that is the ability of technology to support your team wherever they happen to be. Whether you want everyone on your team to have the same local prefix or you want to ensure each team member is on the same phone system with a local virtual number of their choosing, a good VoIP system makes it possible to do just that. Quickly Grow Accessibility of Your Team Because it is so quick and easy to signup for and create a new virtual phone number, you can grow your team rapidly without having to invest in new technology or equipment every time you hire someone. Simply add a new number to the system from your dashboard and you can have your new hire or consultant up and running in no time. Better yet, they don't need to change phones or pick up new equipment themselves – the virtual number can ring directly to their existing mobile device from small business voip provider USA. Seem to be a Bigger Company than You Are Small businesses are able to compete with large competitors better than ever before because technology can give them the illusion of size. By having multiple dedicated numbers for the members of your team and different divisions of your business, you can hand out information to people that specifically matches their needs. It allows you to better segment calls and collect data on who is reaching out to you as well. Choosing the Right VoIP Phone System to Match Your Needs If you are interested in reaping the benefits of a virtual phone number or toll free number, consider a VoIP phone system that allows you to create such things on the fly without heavy investment or upgrade fees to a phone company. Learn more about how VoIP can make your business more flexible with a stronger global presence. Contact mango9 today.

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