If your business is interested in learning more about VoIP service and how it can help you reduce costs and improve communication among your team members, there are several options on the market. How do you choose the for your needs with so many options? Here are some factors to consider.

What You'll Need to Take Advantage of VoIP Service:

There are a number of factors to consider when looking into VoIP phone service(best hosted VoIP service). To start, if you have a large team with a lot of existing equipment, there may be setup costs. Smaller teams may still have to handle these costs, but they are likely to be smaller due to the smaller volume of equipment to update.

Here are some of the things you may need to address during setup:

  • Connection and Speed – You'll need a broadband connection with significant enough bandwidth to handle the call volume. How much would actually make a difference? For the average commercial connection, you're looking at 10-15 calls at once before it becomes an issue. For call centers, it's a different issue entirely.
  • The Equipment – Your phones will need to be compatible with VoIP technology. This means an SIP-enabled phone (or H.323 if you have them). Most new phones work fine with this, but if you have older phones, it's worth looking into.

Most businesses with the right setup, are ready to go out of the gate. So what exactly do you gain with high quality hosted VoIP service?

Features of the Best Hosted VoIP Service:

The best hosted VoIP services (business phone service provider) offer a number of features that make them very attractive over a traditional phone system. These include:

  • Lower Costs – A VoIP line is simply cheaper than a traditional phone line – which can cost over $60/line to start. Then there's the lack of a contract and the fact that you don't need equipment to signup for most services.
  • Support Remote Workers – Most VoIP services offer free in-network calls. Since it's using a data connection rather than a phone line, there is no cost associated with calling someone in Alaska over the house down the street.
  • Mobile Support – The ability to forward calls to mobile devices is great, but so too is the integration of that system with APIs for many app services, including some apps that will ring all of your listed phones at once.
  • It Scales Smoothly – Because there is no hardware buy-in, you can scale as needed. Add new numbers and pick up equipment as needed as your team grows. This is a huge plus for businesses with thin margins as they grow. The last thing you want to do is invest what little you have in expensive phone equipment.

Picking the Best Hosted VoIP Service(business phone service provider)

So how do you choose a VoIP service that best fits the needs of your business? There are a lot of things to consider. The cost to startup and the flexibility and expandability of the service should all be kept in mind.

The size of your business, the current equipment in hand, and the need for growth in the future will all play into this decision in the long run. Keep them in mind and you'll have an easier time deciding what will work best for you.

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