Are you tired of all the unwanted calls from bots, telemarketers, spam callers, or just people whom you don’t want to talk to? Then blacklisting feature is there to help. No longer dream about the ability to block unwanted calls and avoid wasting yours and your employees’ time on such nonsense. Unwanted calls are a real nuisance for big companies. Individuals can block numbers right from their smartphone as today’s technology allows this kind of advanced feature. They can also ask their carrier provider to block certain lines. Companies suffer from these kinds of unwanted calls the most. That’s why VoIP, thanks to its powerful feature blacklisting, avoids nuisance calls. This feature is also known as Call Blocking or Incoming or Inbound Call Blocking. Let’s understand what call blocking is and then pass on its uses and benefits.


Call blocking or blacklisting stops all the unwanted calls from certain numbers or lines. You can avail yourself of blacklisting even if you are using a landline phone working with PSTN. However, you can derive even more from backlisting feature with VoIP phone system. Though blacklisting is as simple as the stock feature, it can free up yourself from big headaches. With VoIP, blacklisting enables a greater margin of filtering calls and even a bigger list to deal with unwanted calls. VoIP blacklisting is easy to use. All you need is to ask your provider to add a number or a list of numbers to the black list. Or you can do it yourself from an intuitive dashboard (Client area) that your VoIP vendor provides. 


With its easiness to use, blacklisting is quite a beneficial feature for your company.  Let’s find out how blacklisting feature can help your business:


The time your employees spend on telemarketers or unwanted calls should be spent on more valuable things like closing more sales or dealing with your customers issues. Every second counts for your employees. With blacklisting, your employees will no longer spend their valuable time on pushy telemarketers or bots. They will concentrate on what counts: their job. Thus, they will become even more productive and efficient. Black lists, block lines, mango9, VoIP, business phone


During unwanted calls, your agents not only waste their time but also your money on minutes, in case of toll-free numbers. Though some VoIP providers offer plans with limited minutes. In this case, you will spend your available minutes on unwanted calls. Instead, you are able to spend them on new or existing customers.


Now let’s consider the effect of unwanted calls in terms of your customers. Unwanted calls are inconvenience both for your employees and customers. When your call queue is filled with spam callers, bots, or any other unwanted contacts, the average wait time increases. By blocking nuisance numbers, you will be able to free your queues and route the calls to appropriate agents quicker. Do not let unwanted calls damage your customer service. Once it is damaged it will be difficult to recover. Ensure the highest level of customer experience by blocking unwanted calls.


A lot companies have to change their phone number, which may have quite a negative impact on brand or just miss out a lot of important calls while answering nuisance calls. Let’s give some more reasons for using blacklisting feature: -Your peace is disrupted with nuisance calls from telemarketers, bots, or unwanted people. You may appear in an awkward situation, as they may disturb you during a very important meeting or any other important situations. -You may suffer from the people who have found your number somehow. Just shut them off instead of changing your number or adding stress. -You want to optimize your time. You cannot do this as unwanted calls will change all your plans. Using blacklisting will save your time and money and give you piece of mind from all the nuisance calls. Remember, unwanted calls are not worth your time and energy.

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