Businesses are always striving to have total control over their business communication and call flow. However, it is not as easy as they would like with their traditional phone system. As we have mentioned previously in our posts, VoIP has a lot of hidden gems worth exploring. One of them is Call analytics. VoIP call analytics gives businesses an ability to track and analyze their employees’ performance and also organize marketing campaigns. Moreover, this analytics will help them gain a thorough insight into their calls.


- A number of calls you are getting for a certain period of time (day, month, year) - The origin of these calls - The average duration of calls - Customer average wait-time - An insight into monthly extension usage - Custom charts on monthly, weekly, and daily basis - Ability to understand your bottom line - The number of voicemail messages - Your employees’ performance in real time - Departmental call reports What do you think? What else do you need to gain better insights into your business calls? Call analytics will provide all the necessary data to maximize the value of your voice processes and derive the benefits of this awesome VoIP capability.


With this cool data, you will be able to reap a number of benefits that will improve both your customer service and employees’ performance. Let’s try to find them out together and consider them separately.


Ensuring a better customer experience for each caller is now a reality. Call analytics is a perfect tool, especially for customer-oriented services, to enable them to improve and provide high-level of proficiency. This is a win-win approach not only for you but also for your customers because getting this data will allow you to put your efforts on the weak points of your calling process and improve your customer service. Based on this data, you will be available to track key metrics of your call flow such as call volume, call length, wait-time, etc. Your managers will be able to identify the busiest and the quietest periods during the day. Thus, they can accommodate volume fluctuations and allocate human resources accordingly. And voilà! Now your employees can answer much quicker, thus reducing wait-time and improving customer service.


For delivering better customer service, first, you will need to improve your employees‘ performance by measuring and tracking each of your agents. In this case, metrics such as average call duration, call count, and the availability of each agent will help you monitor their productivity and improve future call usage. Based on this data, you can also identify which of your employees need to be trained. You can also ask them questions about their concerns, requirements, and issues. Based on their feedback, you will help them improve their performance by providing the conditions they want and solving their problems. This is an interactive and personal way of understanding each of them and stimulating for working process.


When call analytics and call recording work together it becomes possible to identify keywords that can affect your business. You can listen to the recordings and via speech analytics program convert them into text. This program can analyze the pitch and tone of caller’s voice while separating keywords and phrases that are frequently used. For instance, after converting your recordings into text, you will be able to search for the term “issue.” If it brings too many results, you will be able to study certain products or services that are connected with those terms. This is useful for identifying issues and tackling them beforehand to avoid bigger problems in the future. Call analytics is a robust VoIP feature allowing you to remain aware of your company and take full control of it. The valuable data that you will get with call analytics will help you improve your customer service and employees’ performance, as well as optimize resources and find weak points of your business communication for greater productivity. VoIP constantly proves that it is nothing less than an asset for businesses across the world. Explore VoIP thoroughly and you will find even more beneficial tips to boost your business communication.

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