More than three billion calls are made within the USA in a single day. Can you just imagine the amount of time people waste on dialing long phone numbers every single day? Exactly! Too much time! This problem can now be solved all thanks to today's cloud technology for providing us with the ability to use the click to call functionality.

Click to call is one of the versatile wonders of the VoIP phone system; it is a call functionality that can be used in a lot of different ways. This feature allows you to make calls without needing to manually dial the phone number. Sounds confusing, right? Read on to get everything explained to you.

Click to Call is a form of online communication where a user can make instant calls without manually dialing the phone number; all that is needed is just a simple click. To make it better, a number can be represented by a button, text, or an image.

Click to call is also known as click to talk, click to dial, click to chat, etc. All of these terms are talking about the same concept; real-time web call communications, simply known as web calls.

The Click to Call term is often used when we are talking about web calls, however, it is a misleading term as it describes only a small part of what this feature can do.

Nowadays, the click to call functionality is being used to convert web-based traffic into direct telephone communication between an end-user and an employee. Unlike the older versions of the click to call technology, today's CTC (click to call) technology requires no end-user downloads except for normal/standard plugins such as the Adobe Flash.


Click to call allows you to:

- Stay in touch with anyone and everyone who is looking to connect with you through the internet. This way, you'll not only be able to make your company reachable for potential customers, you also will be able to keep your personal contact information private.

- Make calls by just clicking on any number you see on a webpage, email, or word document.

- Listen to any voicemail and make a return call with just one click.

- Make calls directly from your business applications including CRM and your mailing software.

- Monitor your website’s performance by getting statistics on how your online visitors change from the website to your phone sales channel.

Doing this will help you make data-driven improvements, thereby reducing the rate which people abandon your website. It will also increase lead conversion, and improve the efficiency of your online channels.

To be fair, although Click to Call is endowed with a lot of benefits, there are some drawbacks that come with this feature. Let's take a look at what these drawbacks are:


- After a short period of using Click to Call, you are bound to forget the numbers you once saved in your memory. But hold up a minute; do you really think this is a bad habit? Personally, we don't think so as you won't be overloading your brain with phone numbers. Instead, you'll be able to place more focus on your core business.

- There are times when you'll use interfaces that are not in support of the Click to Call function. These times will have you thinking if it is possible to live without using this feature? Yeah, it's very possible sir. However, we cannot argue with you as not using this awesome VoIP feature is really not the best way of working and making calls.


Click to Call works in a very simple way; it's as simple as 1-2-3. All your online users need to do is click on your calling icon, button, or any web-based object you activate, and their phones instantly make a call which will cause your phone to ring almost immediately. Yes, it's that simple. Now both parties can easily talk to each other.

Here's the breakdown on how it works for better understanding;

- A web visitor clicks on your link,

- The web visitor's phone rings,

- Your phone rings too,

- Both parties are connected. Simple!

Click to Call increases the communication levels between you and your clients or customers. It is the perfect solution for your busiest call center employees. It significantly reduces call overload and frees up your employees' time, thereby increasing productivity. Click to Call is in huge demand especially in the trucking, insurance, real estate, and healthcare industries.

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