Years ago, staying in touch with your employees when you are away or abroad used to be something challenging. Going on trips just to attend some important conferences used to be a real hassle. It was almost impossible to make frequent trips and at the same time being present at all of your important conferences. There might have been cases where you wanted to participate in a discussion or make a crucial decision, but you were not in your office so you couldn't execute any of these actions.

By enabling conference calls and conference bridges, VoIP has brought the right solutions to all of these problems. A lot of business have improved and achieved more success rate due to the use of the aforementioned features. As a matter of fact, it is now an inseparable part of their daily business operations. Want to know why this feature is getting so much hype? Then read on as we are about to tell you the essence of conference call.


Conference Bridge is a group call that connects multiple users. In contrast with the traditional three-way calling, which allows only three people to participate during the call, Conference Bridge allows dozens of users to dial into a virtual meeting room. Some VoIP phone providers include this feature into their standard plans, while some consider it as an add-on feature, and therefore, require an extra fee.

Conference Bridge is basically used to make online presentations, hold meetings, conduct conferences, etc. It also enables employees to schedule and manage pre-arranged conference calls within a company.

Now, you may be wondering, how does this work? Come along, we'll help you understand how it works. A company is provided with a conference bridge extension that ensures that every invited persons will be able to partake of the meeting by dialing that number at the pre-scheduled time when the meeting is about to start, after which they'll dial a PIN or a passcode. It's as simple as that; do all of these and you'll be on a conference call with your colleagues.


Conference Bridge provides you with a frequent, effective, and involving communication process. You will be able to have regular monthly meetings, unprecedented conferences, and urgent calls with your employees and clients. You can even choose to use it as a means of staying up to date on the proceedings of your business or company.

The most important thing is that you won't be stuck in a single location. You may have remote workers all over the county or even out of the country. Without the conference bridge feature, it will be quite impossible to collaborate with all of your employees. You may need the opinion of your off-site workers when making a very crucial decision. All you'll need to do is establish a conference call and discuss every matter in detail without having to worry about anything else. You won't have to call them one at a time, thereby making everything faster.


Conference Bridge can make a positive impact on the productivity of your business. Let's go through some of the benefits that will be enjoyed by your company when you make use of this awesome feature:


Conference bridge benefits


Let's assume you are about to break some news to your customers or clients, or you probably want to call their attention to some urgent issues, what do you think you need to do? Definitely not panic, right? You can schedule a conference call in no time and with little or no effort. Link your employees together over the phone and discuss whatever it is you want in a quicker, easier, and simpler way.


Your business does not have to be operated from just one location. Conference calls are inexpensive to your business. Unlike conference calls, traveling from one place to the other will definitely cost you a lot of money, most especially if you are traveling on a regular basis. With this amazing VoIP feature, you don't have to waste your money and time on business trips. For business owners who usually do not have enough time on their hands, having a thirty minute journey can be very crucial. So instead of riding or driving back to your office and wasting time, make use of conference calling. Manage your time wisely.


You may be thinking, how is Conference Bridge connected to the environment? Well, so did we. By bringing your employees, partners and clients under a single virtual roof, you eliminate the need to travel. This means that energy is saved, and pollution derived from the usage of fuel is decreased. There's no doubt that traveling has a big carbon footprint. If you make conference calls instead of traveling, you'll reduce carbon footprint which will in turn help solve the problem of climate change. During conference calls, people tend not to make use of paper, instead, they make use of their laptops. This means that there will be no more waste material in need of recycling.


You can make conference calls regardless of the time zone in which you are. All you'll need to do is create a schedule and adjust the call time so it suits your employees. The device you are equipped with doesn't matter, conference calls are extremely secure. With a passcode, unwanted and unauthorized people will be unable to access your calls or any information that is being shared during the call. Thanks to the end-to-end encryption technology, every outside line will be blocked, ensuring that no one except the participants can connect to your conference call line.


Which is more personal? Emails? Instant messaging? Or a conference call with your remote workers? Using Conference Bridge, your employees will be more engaged in the company's daily activities. They will have the ability to communicate easily with other employees while sharing their point of view. They will feel more appreciated; they'll feel like a true part of the team, and they'll become more productive.

Conference call is essential for the success of your business because it provides you with a facilitated business communication, no matter how long the distance might be. Build synergy within your team and ensure that the job is done faster with Conference Bridge.


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