Businesses tend to constantly facilitate the working experience of their employees in every way possible so as to ensure that they become more productive. One of the ways in which they go about this is distinctive ring. Distinctive ring is a phone feature that helps differentiate phone lines through their ringing sound (a single ring, double ring, or triple ring), especially for those that have multiple lines for a single phone number.

For instance, let's say you own a company which has just one primary VoIP number, and this number has a lot of extensions connected to it, there are chances that your employees will get bogged down due to the fact that all of them will be using the same ringtone. Setting different ringtones for different extensions is one of the wisest solutions to this problem. This will take away the confusion experienced by your employees when their phone rings.

Distinctive rings used to be originally called "Selective ringing", but overtime, it gained a lot of other nicknames, and these nicknames were popularly used to describe distinctive ring. Some of these nicknames include Customized Ringing, Personalized Ringing, Smart Ringing, Ring Master, Ident-a-Ring, Ident-a-Call, Data Ident-a-Call, Teen Ring, SimpleBiz & Fax Alternate Number Ringing, BT call Sign, etc. But the most common and general name for this feature was, and still is, distinctive ring.

Distinctive ring functions as the signature ring for all of your different extensions or lines. Without this feature, every phone making use of the same phone number will ring the same way.

If you have a fax line under the same number, you can use distinctive ring to differentiate your telephone calls from your faxes.


Although the benefits of the distinctive ring feature are not very obvious, you still need them in your daily business life given the fact that they are very important to your business. Here are the reasons why you need the distinctive ring feature installed in your phone system with multiple lines.

- Your employees will be able to immediately recognize their extension ringtone, which is quite possible to set as there'll be a lot of options available from your provider.

- This will increase answer rate as your employees will not confuse each other's call. The rate at which calls are missed will also become low when you make use of this feature.

- Phone lines and fax lines will be differentiated, totally eliminating confusion between both.

- It is not boring. This may sound funny, but it's true. Having the same ring pattern for everybody is boring, even exhausting. Imagine hearing the same ringtone from everywhere all day long, there's no way you won't get mad.


This feature is not only a little bit complicated in terms of its name, it's also confused with another feature which allows you to set different ring patterns based on the caller ID, phone number. We are talking about the Personalized Ring.

The Personalized Ring feature provides you with information about your incoming calls like who the caller is, and what number is calling you based on a ringing pattern you'd have set beforehand for different phone numbers and caller IDs. This personalized approach will provide you with the ability to be faster and more productive on issues regarding your clients and your employees.

That's it for now. We have told you all you need to know about using the Distinctive ring feature and the Personalized ring feature, which are basically the two most widely spread feature among businesses. Try to use these features to their full potential so as to enhance the growth of your business. Use them to take your business to a higher level. Keep up with technology and stay up to date with VoIP.

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