When a new technology comes to replace the old, traditional ones, it seems a lot of people are reluctant to immediately implement the changes in their routine. The same thing happened when fax machines became outdated and obsolete. As a rule, they used to be one of the most important office equipment to have as they allowed individuals to send printed documents to one another from anywhere across the world through the use of telephone connection.

The installation and maintenance that came with the traditional fax service was all about incredible expenses. It not only required a dedicated phone line and hardware, but also caused you to spend a massive amount on paper and ink. When you add up all of these expenses overtime, you'll come to realize that it is best to turn to the more efficient way of faxing.


And now, we introduce to you, online faxing better known as eFax. It is a system that allows you to securely send and receive faxes online. All you need is an internet connection and the membership plan of an online faxing service. Using eFax is more cost-effective than using the traditional faxing method. No more hardware, phone lines, paper jams, ink, toner, busy signals, waiting by a fax machine, maintenance, and every other headache that comes with traditional faxing.

E-Fax allows you to send and receive faxes when you are on the go via any device connected to the internet such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. This type of service can be integrated with emails, web browsers, and other online accounts.


E-fax allows you to:

- Send multiple faxes simultaneously, like you're sending emails.

- Easily edit and review your fax messages before sending them.

- Your documents won't get lost or damaged. Unlike hard copy documents, eFax allows you to store your document online, which makes them a lot safer.

- Add multiple addresses at the same time while sending your eFax.

- Use your mobile phone to send and receive faxes.

- Save money on paper, ink, toner, fax machine.

- Save more time on transmission process, busy signal, hardware installation, etc.

- Online directory of your business contacts.

- Maintain an archive of all your past faxes for future references.

- Use your private email and laptop for sending confidential messages.


Healthcare Companies

Since they are dealing with the exchange of patients' Protected Health Information, the eFax service is the perfect solution for the healthcare industry all thanks to its high level of security. EFax ensures PHI exchange in compliance with the HIPAA act.

Banks and Financial Advisories

Encrypted eFax is required for the sending and receiving of credential banking and financial documents. It securely transmits huge amount of information with signatures, authorizations for loan applications, purchases, leasing, and more.

Insurance Agencies

Insurance agencies also deal with their customers' sensitive information including insurance policies, contracts, endorsements, cover notes, signatures, and insurance analysis, therefore the need for a strengthened security is required.

Every business needs a secure and private way of transferring confidential information, so eFax is just a necessity.

If you are looking for a faster and convenient way of sending and receiving faxes rather than using a fax machine, then the best thing for you to do is choose e-Fax.

Use eFax to make your faxing faster, easier, and cheaper! Enjoy your working process with eFax!

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