The remote working system is gaining more ground on the physical office system each and every day. It is not only beneficial in terms of cost-effectiveness, but also in the advent of cloud technology. Cloud provides you with tons of possibilities you never imagined possible. With the development of the remote working system you'll need some new requirements in terms of technological innovations. And the best option to look at is cloud, which will provide you with the increased productivity and the mobility that your remote workers are looking for.

Still skeptical about how cloud can benefit your remote workforce? Well, that's why we are here. We'll help you understand the value of cloud by providing you with better and deeper insights on the topic. Listed below are five ways in which cloud can help you boost your business productivity


Moving your business to the cloud will provide you and your team with a single phone system, which will be packed with a rich set of unified communication features including Conference Bridge, video conference, real-time chat, etc. These features will allow your on-site and off-site workers to collaborate with each other in real-time, helping them create a strong work-force environment.

IP phones can easily be integrated with corporate directories, voicemail, and every other aspect of phone system. Your on-site workers will be able to access their office phones when they are away. Call forwarding find me/follow me, voice mail to email, and a lot of other features are there to help them achieve this. They can also use mobile apps to do the same things they do on their desk phones. To top it all, they'll be able to make phone calls with your office phone number, regardless of where they might be.


No more long-distance charges and the need for separate phones. Your VoIP provider will send you a comprehensive monthly bill will not only include the bill for on-site lines, but also for remote lines.This will help you and your employees in two ways; the first benefit here is that your employees won't have to prepare reports on phone bills. And the second benefit is about your accounting department not wasting their time on approving separate phone bills. This makes the billing process very simple.


Businesses nowadays should be well prepared to make rapid changes in their system. In the case of remote workforce, you may have to hire or fire your employees, sometimes more than your on-site workers. Every time you hire or fire your employees, you'll go back to configuring your phone system so the new employee will be able to use it. With the cloud system though, it is very easy to disable and enable their access to your phone system. As a matter of fact, you can literally add or remove their access to your customers and your company's data within seconds.


Despite the fact that having remote workers comes with a lot of benefits, it can be risky for business owners. You won't be able to monitor your employees on some factors such as work quality, time management, work accuracy, in short, you won't be able to monitor their effectiveness and performance. Monitoring your employees is very essential but as they are not working with you, how are you supposed to achieve this? Transferring your business communications and most of your operations to the cloud is the perfect answer to this problem. Cloud provides you with the ability to monitor your employees in real-time, know exactly what they are doing at a specific moment, join a live call for quality assurance, etc. Now, you'll be able to keep your eyes on your employees.


Cloud allows you and your employees the highest level of flexibility and mobility available. It breaks down the barriers by moving the on-site PBX phone systems out of your office and relocating it into the cloud. Now, your employees do not have to sit down, stuck in front of their desk, they can travel around and at the same time, remain available for your customers. They can stay connected to their office desk even when they are at the airport or in another country. They'll have access to all the features of their office desk phone regardless of their location.

This level of mobility allow businesses to have their remote workers connected to in-office staff as much as possible. Your customers will be able to connect with any remote worker like he/she is in front of their desk.

There is no restriction on the type of device you can use. Cloud allows you to use any device you are comfortable with. It can be a mobile phone, a tablet, your PC or your laptop. Everything depends on your choice. No more difficulties, everything is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

Still not sure whether to switch or not? Let's give you a summary of what you'll get when you move to the cloud:

-One phone system and corporate number.

-Simplified billing system.

-Flexible scalability.

-Increased visibility and control.

-A level beyond mobility and flexibility.

Quite reassuring, right? This is the time for you to increase the productivity of your workforce. Switching to VoIP is the first step to bringing your business communication to the cloud.


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