VoIP has reshaped the way we think about phone system. It is not restricted to calling alone as it can now be easily integrated with different types of business software in order to add functionality to communications. And this, better known as VoIP integration, is the precise reason why VoIP stands out.

As a matter of fact, most businesses are now looking for ways in which they can make seamless integrations between their phone systems and software applications. They find it more convenient when they are able to merge all their communication channels together; communication channels like emails, voice call, video call, and instant messaging under one network or under a single application interface. Effectively integrating all these channels into your business software will eliminate operational costs and increase efficiency.

Your employees might probably be using the features that are implemented through database integration without actually being aware of it. Going deeper into custom application software integration is definitely worth it as it helps you see what new doors it can open for your business. Without further ado, let's take a look at the wonders of database integration.


SCREEN POPS - Are you trying to minimize missed calls but still haven't gotten the right solution, or you simply don't know how? Then you need to make use of screen pops. Screen pop is a pop-up window that displays call information for incoming calls. It is a very useful and common functionality which you can use to draw the attention of your employees to vital calls. The pop-up window includes basic information about the caller which is typically pulled from the CRM. It can also include a priority level for callers that have already been pre-qualified by you. This is important so as to be able to decide when to pick up a call, place it on hold, or transfer it to another extension.

CLICK TO CALL FUNCTIONALITY - This provides you with the ability to make a call straight from your favorite software. Yes, it's that simple. You'll save time on the dialing process as all you'll be doing to make a call is a simple click. Simply put, every number becomes clickable over the internet. This is turning out to be the most valuable solution for all businesses as they now integrate calling into their industry-specific business software including property management, truck load-board, help desk, and supply chain management applications. Call centers also benefit a lot from this solution.

100% PRESENCE - Database integration enables instant messaging and presence functionality between your applications. This means your employees can collaborate with each other as long as they are online, even when they are abroad. To make it better, you can save a great deal of money as you won't need to spend excess amount of dollars on business trips.

MULTI-DEVICE INTEGRATION - Have you ever imagined running your business at anytime and anywhere with just an internet enabled device? Database integration has made this possible by integrating multiple devices with your office phone system. You'll be able to use your tablet, PC, laptop, or smartphone to access the data you shared or transferred to the cloud. This allows you to work effectively while being on the go.

VOICEMAIL TO EMAIL - It will be really awesome if you could get your voicemail attached to your email, right? Database integration has provided the answer to this problem as it now makes it possible to receive your voicemails in your email and listen to them at your own leisure.

IVR INTEGRATION - Voice menus can also be integrated with CRM. Have you started wondering how this will work? Well, we did too. When your customers call you, the first thing they'll do is select the appropriate department they want to talk to and their request type (e.g. paying a bill, changing service address, etc.) via IVR. Then as soon as the incoming call comes in, a pop-up window appears, providing you with the most important data related to the specific request.

This is only a small part of the advantages that can be derived from VoIP. It can grow to become more complex, depending on your business size and needs.

Once upon a time, "do it yourself" applications used to be very popular among businesses. Nowadays, companies are most likely going to request for professional assistance in order to make such integrations.

Before you make a final decision, make sure you do some effective brainstorming with your IT guys so as to ensure that your decision is based on your business priorities. You don't need to use unnecessary integrations to slow down the performance of your system.

Use VoIP today and enjoy the high level of convenience that comes with its database integration.

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