Owning a business is majorly about being on the go all the time. No matter where you are, it is necessary that you remain reachable so as to be successful with your business.

The find me/follow me feature is one of the features that makes VoIP advantageous over the PBX phone system. This lovely feature ensures that your callers will be able to reach you anytime they want, regardless of your location and smart device. This feature is popularly known as call hunting because it either hunts the call or diverts it to the voicemail.

Call hunting is not the same thing as call forwarding. Unlike call forwarding, call hunting doesn't forward all calls to a single number, instead, it simultaneously routes the calls to multiple numbers, or does it in a preset order.



It is quite easy to guess what this feature is all about; the find me/follow me feature is a combination of two interconnected features that are always working in conjunction with each other. “Find me” automatically routes your incoming calls to a certain location, while “follow me” allows your prospects and partners to call multiple phone numbers at a time.

Customers will call one virtual number, which will be set to forward the calls. Find me and follow me can work together in different ways. You can configure the system to receive your calls simultaneously on all of your devices, to different locations based on a preset schedule, or sequentially, to any combination of your desk phone, mobile phone, home phone etc.

Lots of ringing and still no answer? Then the call will be automatically transferred to your voicemail, which can be retrieved at your convenience.



  • Peace Of Mind - Your home number and your cell phone numbers will remain private.
  • Boosted Productivity - You'll have the freedom to work remotely while having the ability to be in touch with your customers and colleagues.
  • Enhanced Customer Service - You'll be able to deliver exceptional uptime customer service experience.
  • Time and Money Savings - Since you'll be having no unanswered calls, you'll never miss important calls and the opportunities to increase sales.
  • Unlimited Number of Destinations - Clients who need technical help or any other specific help will be directed to the right extension.

Find me/follow me, otherwise known as call hunting, is the best solution for call centers. When a new customer makes a call to your call center, the first thing they'll be able to do is to choose the right department thanks to the Auto Attendant. Then the system goes hunting for the best extension to pick up the customer's call.

You can configure the system to receive calls differently within the hunting group; this involves two methods. The first method is known as linear hunting. Linear hunting distributes the calls sequentially. This will result in your first few phones getting most of the load. The second hunting is known as circular hunting. Circular hunting enables you to arrange the calls among your extensions in a fair way; it will eliminate call overload in your call center.

Find me/follow me is the perfect solution for those who receive calls on a larger scale and are usually on the go. This feature is usually included in the standard plan of some providers while other providers offer it for a small fee. However, this feature is one that is extremely important to your business.

The outcome of using this feature is amazing; no more missed calls, disappointed customers, and missed opportunities. All you'll get is a stronger focus on your business.


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