Creating and maintaining a good company is not an easy task at all. There are several interdependent components that define the success of your business. One of them is phone number serving as an address assigned to a particular phone to connect with it. It helps your customers to easily reach you and receive the guidance they need. Additionally, your company’s phone number is an indispensable part of your image and has a crucial role in raising your brand awareness. Making a choice among local, toll-free and vanity numbers may seem a tough decision until you get familiar with their advantages for your business. Usually, the decision depends on several factors like company’s size and geographical position, the number of branches, etc. To understand what type of number or a set of numbers best suits your company, let’s consider their pros and cons one by one.


These numbers are specific to a local area. If you are a nascent business and enjoy your local customer base, then this kind of number is the right choice for you. You can purchase and use local numbers everywhere in the world. Let’s explore all the advantages this number can give you.

Do not be charged in case of incoming calls

When your customer calls, he is the one to be charged for the call. You only pay for your outgoing calls.

Earn your local customers trust                                                                               

Clients tend to use local provider’s services. You can make up the most of this fact by creating a huge customer base and maintaining a solid local presence.

Advertise your business in a local area

While organizing marketing and advertising campaigns, it’s essential for your business to have a local phone number your customers can easily call.


As the name already indicates it's free for customers to call your toll-free number. But you will be charged for both the incoming and outgoing calls. There are six toll-free codes within the USA: 800, 888, 877, 866, and 844. Although these codes are toll-free they are not interchangeable meaning that the same number with 800 and 888 codes are absolutely different phone numbers and may belong to different individuals.

Let’s highlight the benefits your business will gain owning toll-free numbers.


Your customers will appreciate your extra step towards an open communication between you and them. Bearing in mind that calling your toll-free number is free of charge, they will feel more comfortable to contact in case of any issues.  


Unlike local numbers, toll-free numbers are recognized nationwide. This will allow your company to easily expand throughout the country without changing phone number code. 

Reliable image

Toll-free numbers make your company look bigger, more powerful and prestigious. As a result, you will increase your customers' trust and satisfaction.


Vanity numbers can be both toll-free and local. Its uniqueness lies in the sequence of number standing for easily remembered text like your company’s name, logo, symbolic abbreviation, and phrases used in your marketing campaigns. When dialing vanity phone number customers don’t have to remember long and boring digits that has nothing to do with your brand. With vanity numbers not only, it becomes simple to connect you, but also your company looks more professional and your brand recognition is increased. Here you can find some useful tips on choosing your vanity number.

- easy to sound and dial

- no digits, only words to remember

- 1-800-Grocery stands for  1-800-476-2379

- your number indicates your business

- avoid unique spellings

- avoid hybrid (letter+digit) numbers

- your number markets your company

So, now you may ask yourself “How am I trying to position my business?” And the answer is “it depends”. If you have ambitious plans to expand your business globally and give a larger image to your company, then a toll-free number is a perfect way to go. In case you are dominant in your local market and happy with your current customer base you should look into local numbers. Depending on your priorities and preferences you may need both of them.

Thinking across the spectrum get your own local, toll-free and vanity numbers. Take that bold move in your business.

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