Do you always complain about missing your important messages? One of the callers might become your customer, right? We are glad to inform you that you will no longer have any missed messages with a great Message Waiting Indicator feature.

With this feature, you will immediately identify that you have unanswered voicemail messages waiting for you. Let’s understand what MWI is.

MWI is a phone feature that notifies a user-owned device about new voicemail messages to be retrieved. This service requires a compatible device to be available. It can perfectly work on IP phones.

How does it work?

Configuring your voicemail settings, you can turn on MWI to get notices in different ways. When you get a voicemail message, MWI will identify it and activate to inform you about a waiting message. You can be notified either via audio signals or visual. It is quite easy to turn MWI on and off.

Types of MWI

There are several ways to get MWI notifications. Here are some of the available options:

  • Vibration
  • Periodic special ring
  • Shutter dial-tone
  • Flashing light on phone
  • Email notification
  • SMS alerts

Usually, different VoIP providers offer one of the MWI options. The most famous among them are playing an interrupted dial tone,  a flashing light indicating new voicemail messages, and email notifications. Let’s see how these three main options work to better understand MWI.

Shutter dial tone

In the case of this MWI option, after you get a voicemail message in your voicemail box you will hear a “shutter” or interrupted dial tone when picking up your handset. Usually, it is a standard tone.

Visual Message Waiting Indicator (VMWI)

VMWI is a visual indicator that activates and deactivates a flashing light on users’ device to notify about new voicemail messages. It differs from other MWI options in that it uses a visual indicator to notify a user. It is considered a more effective way to get notified about your voicemail calls as you don’t need to pick up your phone to understand that you have a voicemail, you just see the flashing light on your device. Usually, IP phones contain a special MWI button that directly leads to voicemail box.

mango9 provides free VMWI feature to all its users, not to miss any important message from their clients, colleagues, partners, or friends and family. This feature offers you a visual signal in the form of a lamp that lights up and keeps flashing as long as you have an “unlistened” voicemail message in your voicemail box. As soon as you listen, store, or delete all new messages, the light will turn off.

Email notification

VoIP providers enable receiving notifications when you get a voicemail message. This feature is mostly famous as voicemail to email. Some providers not only send a notification about a waiting message but also an mp3 file of the recording to listen to when you are away from your office or just cannot access your voicemail messages.

mango9 also provides voicemail-to-email feature that enables you to stay on top of your voicemail messages wherever you are. For example, you can drive your car and listen to your messages at the same time.  

MWI feature enables you to always keep an eye on your voicemail messages, not to miss any important message. It has various options from which you can choose. Switching to VoIP will open a whole new world for you with amazing features and benefits. Telecommunication is no longer solely about calling. Make the most of VoIP benefits to keep up with the competition and boost your business. Try today. Contact us in case of questions. 

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