The past few years have been rich in improvements in almost all spheres of online marketing and customer service. Along with the increase of the levels of computerization and connectedness around the world, companies, irrespective of size or industry, are striving to be present online and provide consistent information.

Whether you are seeking employment in a company or considering purchase of a service or product, the first thing that modern users do is search for the company website, and the second thing is try to connect. This is a modern world of cloud data, which seems to be a living and breathing entity with constantly changing and updating information. One click on a Groupon deal of a hotel in Vegas for your upcoming vacation leads to Vegas hotel offers and ads flooding your email address, social media profiles, or virtually anywhere you go online. Marketing is more targeted than it has ever been before. Now it’s not about getting leads, it’s about being able to utilize them.

And the knowledge and practices of utilizing these new tools improve on a daily basis. While in 2011, only 6% of Fortune 500 companies provided their contact information on their Facebook profiles, the percentage reached 41% in 2013. Companies strive to provide an online point of contact for their customers everywhere they have a chance. At that, smaller companies tend to be more willing to provide their customers with tools for personal contact instead of long contact forms and support email addresses. With time being such a precious asset, people want answers to their question here and now. Recent Google study illustrates how important it is for customers to be able to actually receive that personal contact, especially at the final stage of making a purchase. They want personal assistance in return for their money.

Various calling solutions are being integrated with online marketing efforts. The giants of the sphere are leading the innovation trend. Google had launched its mobile search Click2Call button, which allows people searching Google on their smart phones to make calls to companies right from the smart phone by simply clicking on the number in mobile search results. This improvement was brought about to ensure higher productivity of mobile campaigns not to waste CPC money. Google even conducted a research, supporting the importance of having a click2call option. “Sixty one percent of mobile searchers state that click to call is most important in the purchase phase of the shopping process.” But are mobile users the only ones shopping online?


According to comScore, 44% of all the time spent on online retail occurs from a smart phone, 11% from a tablet and 45% from desktops and laptops. So, 56% of the users are left out. However, in late 2013, Bing announced the launch of its Call Extensions in cooperation with Skype, providing for a click to call option in Bing ads. These, as opposed to Google mobile search click2call, can be made from all the above-mentioned devices. Now this is impressive. Due to Skype technology, from anywhere in the world, the user can make a free call just by a click of a button right from their browsers. No international calling rates, no phone plan restrictions. Everything is VoIP-based.

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One limitation: these innovations only relate to search engine results. With VConnect, however, any company can make an independent decision to provide their customers with this freedom of communication. Companies are no longer limited to search engine results to strive to provide better customer service and independently monetize, as well as analyze their leads. VConnect click2call widget can be placed virtually anywhere online: your website, your social media page, your blog, banner/text ad, even your video on YouTube. Your customers do not need to reach to their phones to call you to make a reservation, a purchase, or simply ask a question. They can do that from their desktop, laptop, smartphone, as well as tablet. Check our Free Trial Version and Complete Features.

Online marketing integration with calling solutions is on its rise. Voice over IP services have provided for a new era of opportunities to connect the world at minimum cost. Whether you are in Dubai, Tokyo, or the Maldives, if you need that particular pair of designer sunglasses and you are ready to pay for it, there will be companies willing to sell you those glasses, ship them to your door and provide the highest customer service possible. Competition drives progress and higher customer satisfaction. If you cannot provide it, your competitors will. It is as simple as that.

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