The tendency to switch to VoIP grows as the technology develops. However, some companies are still afraid of migrating to VoIP. They are not sure about the reliability and the advantages of VoIP system. Small businesses are even more meticulous when choosing a VoIP provider. They take into account factors such as cost options, presence of some VoIP features, etc. They are overlooking some of the most valuable features that traditional phone systems cannot offer. Let’s shed a light on how reliable VoIP can be for your small business. Can you rely on VoIP services? Lato, sans-serif;">Reliability is the number one factor that keeps some small businesses away from VoIP. For sure, there were times when VoIP was not reliable - offering poor quality and inconsistent voice, including jitters, delays, and drop outs. Those days are gone. Today, VoIP can deliver voice quality equal to plain telephone service, if not even better. This reliability sometimes might be misleading as not every VoIP provider offers services on a reliable network. You should consider your network provider before switching. This way you will ensure crystal clear and consistent voice quality for your phone system. Whether you are going to run VoIP on your existing network or on your provider’s network, just make sure that you have bandwidth that will handle your data load. VoIP has several benefits for small business that will increase your productivity and decrease costs. What are the benefits of VoIP for your small business? Decreased phone bill Do you know why most VoIP businesses are switching to VoIP? Sure, to cut their phone bills and ensure longer sustainability. No longer worry about expensive equipment maintenance or long-distance charges. VoIP enables you to make unlimited free nationwide calls and low-cost international calls. You will cut on your phone bill more than half. Additionally, you will make the most of the Internet connection you use. Increased productivity This is my favorite part about VoIP. It is portable. What does that mean? It enables you to use your phone system wherever there is an Internet connection. All you need is to log in to your VoIP system. Your employees can work from home. According to a new survey by TINYpulse, an employee engagement firm, working remotely raises productivity. Calls will be routed to their mobile phone or house phone. They can even use the “Find Me/Follow Me” feature to let customers find them if they don’t answer either their office or house phone. Their mobile is always with them. Business VoIP phone system, Mango9 Enhanced flexibility You don’t want to spend your money on IP phones, do you? However, I recommend that. You can use your analog phone by integrating it with your VoIP system via a VoIP adapter. It is a USB type stick that can be plugged into any computer. This adapter will convert analog signals coming from PSTN into digital ones routed over the Internet. Another thing that will take flexibility to another level is integration with software programs such as email, e-fax, CRM, etc. This way, you will be able to use other applications but at the same time be on the phone. Highly regarded features Aside from calling, integration, and mobility, VoIP comes with a rich set of business features. All of them are utilized by small organizations to enhance business efficiency. Among VoIP features are voicemail to email, customizable auto attendant, call forwarding, find me/follow me, call queuing, etc. These features open up a whole new world for better communication between your employees and your customers. They will improve your customer service as well because with these features you will no longer have unanswered calls and unsatisfied customers. Virtual conferencing Have you ever skipped a conference because you were away? Well, me too. This VoIP feature just helps me out. It enables you to attend conferences even if you are in a different city, country, or even continent. Isn’t it cool? All you need is to be invited into a virtual conference. You will listen to everything that is discussed and even share your ideas and offers. At the same time, you can share documents among each other. This is not a magic, this is VoIP. Easy to install Another myth about VoIP is that you have to be tech-savvy to use it. Nope, ladies and gentlemen, I want to share a secret: It is even easier to use and configure than a traditional phone system. Don’t you believe me? VoIP does not require separate cables for phone, fax, and Internet. It does not use hardware. It uses software, which enables you to add and remove extensions whenever needed. You can assess your online portal and make any kind of changes there in a matter of minutes. Now, I know that it is difficult for you to resist VoIP temptation. But is there a need to do so? I guess not. You are aware of all the benefits that you will get with VoIP, all you need is to make the right decision and choose a reliable phone system that will meet all your requirements. Mango9 is here to make all your requirements come true. Let your small business benefit from VoIP with Mango9. Contact us today to learn more about our offers!

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