When it comes to VoIP there are two options: either businesses use IP phones (desk phones) or softphones. Both are great to use for collaboration and each provides high-level of communication and high-quality voice. However, there are people who prefer one over the other for different reasons. Today, we are going to speak about the softphones, the way it works, and benefits businesses can derive from it.  Let’s start form the very beginning.


Softphones are software programs or applications enabling users to make and receive calls over the Internet via smart device (PC, laptop, cell phone, or tablet). It has the same functions, display panel, and buttons as a traditional phone. The only difference with landline phone is that you use headset, mouse, and microphone. However, it operates as effectively as ordinary phones.


When you install the softphone on your device, you should connect it to your VoIP provider. When making VoIP calls, it encapsulates the voice data and sends it to the VoIP. Then, this data is converted into voice signals and transmitted to the destination telephone exchange. Simply put, it allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet via your computer.


Despite obvious prevalence of desk phones, softphones are becoming more popular among businesses thanks to its benefits. Let’s highlight all the advantages that softphones provide for businesses.

No hardware, more space

Despite the fact that VoIP minimized the need for wires in offices, with softphones businesses are able of get rid of phones as well. Isn’t it cool? All you need is your smart device installed with a softphone app. Be completely wireless. Have you already decided what will you do with the additional space on your desk? Not yet? Then start thinking right now. VoIP softphone to make calls from PC, laptop, Mango9

Dreamed flexibility

Working from your house, abroad, or anywhere else is not a dream anymore. How? Well, you already know that you don’t need wires anymore, but this is not all. Now, you are able to take your business with you anywhere you go. Take your computer, cell phone, or tablet wherever you go and stay on top of your company.

Cost cutting

Many VoIP providers offer nationwide free calls and low international calls. Thus, using softphones you will not only be able to make most of the VoIP technology and its advanced features but you won’t spend money on physical equipment. You’re finding softphones more attractive now, right?

Scalability without limits

No company remains on the same level, each always strives to expand. Expanding means hiring new employees and changing premises. Have you already guessed where we are going with this? Exactly. With softphones you only need to install softphone apps on your new employees’ computers or when relocating into bigger offices. There is no need to upgrade your software, change phone number, or any other installations.

Unifying VoIP

VoIP features are a great way to facilitate your calling process. Features such as conference calls, video calls, and call forwarding ensure constant connectivity with your employees. Your employees are able to share contacts, ideas, news, and other important stuff. They can have access to your customer information from anywhere. Thus, collaboration among your team members will  increase. Softphones look to capture the market soon thanks to cost-effectiveness and software-based features. Each day, more businesses start to use softphone as their main way of communication. The technology is going wireless and businesses make the most of it. If you also want to be flexible, make cost saving, and at the same time use VoIP features, then investing in softphone is definitely worth it. Get ultimate freedom with VoIP-based softphones.

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