Not so long ago, some extra features in today's world would have been considered a necessity. One bright example of these features is the Music-on-hold feature. It is quite certain that at some point or somewhere while calling, you have experienced the use of this feature.

Most times, it's a tone of music, announcement or advertisement that is put on hold in place of an irritating beep. The use of this feature is meant to improve your customers' experience.  We all agree that hearing beeps, or worse, silence, is a frustrating experience for customers. Therefore, we need to provide them with something that can enhance their experience when their call is being held; this is why having a proper piece of music can be helpful in this kind of situation. It can improve the caller's mood, distract them from the boredom that comes with being placed on hold, and also, make the hold time seem shorter. It also reduces the complaints that are usually made regarding the waiting process.

Choosing a relevant music tone for your company and your customers is quite important as it might be the first thing your potential customer listens to when they call you. You should ensure that you take your corporate identity and the preferences of your targeted audience into account before choosing a music tone.


Modern technology provides you with the opportunity to customize your music on hold, or even put up an announcement. VoIP provides you with the ability to upload music or record important announcements to either put on hold or on transfers. Here are some important reasons as to why music on hold is being used:


As a rule, music is put on hold so as to keep your customers and clients entertained while you try to absorb, understand, and solve the query they just provided you with. Music usually generates positive feedback. However, you need to note that there is some kind of music that is bound to have a negative impact on your customers. According to a study carried out and recorded in The Journal of Applied Social Psychology, it was observed that putting recognizable pop songs on hold will provide your customers with a better and positive experience, rather than elevator music or bland, repeated melodies. Professional recordings and high-quality music have a direct effect on your business brand. They will help you to stand out.


Music can also be used to represent your company's brand. You can use your company's current television or radio advertisement as your music on hold.

There's a chance that your customers might feel like getting to know more about your company when they are on hold. Therefore, combining music with your promotional content is a very good idea as you'll be able to gain their undivided attention while sharing information about your company with them. Don't miss the chance to create and reinforce your corporate brand. The way you answer the phone is directly proportional to your customers’ first impression of your company. Businesses with silence on-hold may become short-lived and look unprofessional. 

Another important thing you need to put into consideration is not using the same announcement or music for a long period of time. Put yourself in your customers' shoes, would you like to listen to the same music or announcement for a time range of six months or more. Boring, right? Thus, you'll need to keep your music and messages fresh so as to make them engaging to your customers. You also need to ensure that your music or message is long enough so as to avoid repeating words or lyrics multiple times.


This cool feature can also help you retain more calls as it will ensure that your customers remain entertained while being on hold. About seventy percent of callers hang up after being greeted by silence or beeps. Having music or messages such as "Thank you for calling, you are on hold, your call will be answered shortly" will provide your customers with assurance, eliminating all forms of uncertainty as to whether they are still connected or not. Once you are able to deliver a good customer experience, you'll be able to retain more calls, thereby increasing your conversion rate.

Music on hold has a huge impact on making hold time longer, therefore minimizing the frequency of hang-up cases.

Having the right kind of music or message is an essential part of creating a lovely and fascinating atmosphere for your customers! Do not subject your customers to silence! Believe us, your customers will appreciate your effort.


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