Caller ID is a feature a lot of us are familiar with through the use of traditional phones. The VoIP caller ID has the same concept, however, it comes with more advanced features that would have been unimaginable in the past because it now works with the internet. Let's define what the caller ID entails and explore the advanced abilities it now has due to the VoIP phone system.

What Is Caller ID And How Does It Work?

Caller ID is another great feature that has been implemented into the VoIP phone system. It displays caller information on your phone screen (you would have enabled the caller ID feature on your phone to get this). Caller ID simply means caller identification. Once you have the caller ID feature set up on your phone, your mobile number and name appears on the screen every time you are making a call, whether you're calling mobile lines or landlines.

Caller ID works in conjunction with call waiting so as to allow a user to see the name and telephone number of another incoming call if the user is currently on a call. VoIP phones have caller ID integrated into the call handling protocol. Once your phone starts ringing, the name and phone number will be displayed on your screen.

What Are The Benefits Of Caller ID?

- Caller ID allows your friends, family, and business contacts, such as your partners and clients, recognize you when you are calling them.

- Caller ID is free to set-up and easy to use.

- Caller ID helps you manage your privacy.

- You'll have the ability to block some callers in order to avoid unwanted calls.

- Caller ID is available in almost all the countries in the world.

Caller ID is currently in almost every part of the world except for some countries. If the caller ID feature doesn't work in your country, try to find out if it's not available in your country or if your local telecom vendors do not support it.

How Do I Get Caller Identification?

Cloud-based business phone service providers often offer this feature in their standard plans, thereby providing you with the ability to identify phone calls. Other enhanced caller ID services will display the name, picture, and even city or state the call is coming from or going to.

There are some other sub-features of caller ID that will help you trust your phone service provider. Some of these sub-features include blocking, distinctive ring, and routing by caller ID.

These are common features that come with every standard package offered by VoIP providers. In some cases though, VoIP providers will allow the spoofing of caller ID information so as to hide the original identity of a caller. VoIP allows the modification of caller ID and a lot of companies are taking advantage of this possibility for confidential purposes. This could prove beneficial to your sales and marketing activities as there may be potential attacks set on damaging your company's image.

VoIP providers may offer enhanced caller ID features too. This allows for the display of the caller's name, picture, city, and state for both incoming and outgoing calls.

- Caller ID - Having your company name and phone number displayed increases your credibility when you call your customers for the first time.

- Caller's Photo - Putting your photo or your company's photo will increase visibility and customers will be able to recognize you and your brand.

- City ID - It's a first-generation caller mobile identification service. It displays the city and state or country associated with a caller's telephone number.

- Share Name ID - It's a free service that allows you to customize the name others will see on their screen when you call them.

- B2B Only Company Name ID - This service allows you to define how outgoing calls from your company are presented to the people you call.

There you have it. Caller ID might not be a new feature but it's coming with new and modernized features, providing both callers and recipients with more information. It's only right to say that recognizing Caller ID in the console of any communication device you make use of will create a good first impression, ensuring that trust is well built toward your company.

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