Virtual PBX technology is allowing small businesses to do more with their resources than ever before, opening opportunities that previously required large capital investments and increased staff size that they could not afford. Hosted VoIP PBX and other technologies in the business communications field are creating an entire new growth path for business owners who once couldn't afford it. The Alternative to Vonage for Small Businesses Vonage has been a popular VoIP option for small businesses for some time, offering a much reduced cost for calls that may at times have been costly to different corners of the world, all without the heavy capital investment needed for an on premise phone system. Today there are more options that allow for advanced features beyond what Vonage can offer. These hosted VoIP PBX services are designed to integrate with existing systems you use internally and offer advanced features for communication between colleagues and with customers. The Benefits of Virtual PBX for a Small Business For those operating small businesses, there are several benefits to switching to a hosted PBX solution. To start, the cost is much reduced. Like services such as Vonage the cost of capital equipment and upgrades to your internal systems is limited or non-existent, and because the service is hosted, it isn't something you'll need to maintain internally through an IT staff. Other benefits go beyond the physical, however, relating to the features that these services offer. Some such benefits include:
  • API Integration with Existing Software – Virtual PBX can be integrated with your CRM, marketing software, and other tools to streamline access to data.
  • Automated Features for Enhanced Communication – Auto attendant and other automation features improve customer experience and decrease reliance on receptionists or employees to answer phones internally.
  • Reduced Cost Across the Board – The cost of virtual PBX is lower than on premise solutions because of the reduced up front and maintenance costs. It is also more flexible to upgrade and scale to your business needs.
  • Greater Geographic Reach for Your Business – Small businesses that rely on mobile devices and Internet access as much if not more than their office connections are able to use virtual PBX features to interact with clients around the globe, all without the cost or scaling issues that often accompany those communications.
Combined with the flexibility of a hosted VoIP PBX solution and its ability to scale to match the specific needs of a small business, there is much greater openness now than ever before for companies that rely so heavily on their communications systems. Deciding if Virtual PBX Is the Right Fit There are several factors to consider when determining if virtual PBX is the right fit for your company. Access to resources, cost, and the size of your customer base and number of employees are all important factors here. There are also a number of different services out there that offer features designed to match different sized businesses. Ensure you research thoroughly to match your company with a service that fits your core needs.

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