Are you planning to expand your franchise business? Are you quite certain that you can guarantee solid communication between your franchise businesses? Will your customers be able to reach any of your franchise businesses no matter where they are? These are some of the common communication challenges that most franchise businesses are facing. The answer to all this questions or problems comes in a really unique and simple form known as VoIP.

Should your franchise business switch to VoIP?

VoIP as the perfect communication solution for franchise businesses. This is because VoIP can be adjusted to suit the needs of your franchise operations; needs such as the building and protection of your brand globally, enhancing and providing support for your franchises while also strengthening and growing your relationship with them. However, a lot of franchise businesses are still holding back on whether or not they should switch to a VoIP phone system as they are not sure if the calling quality will be able to meet up with their strict standards. Therefore, they remain glued to their tried-and-true system. While traditional phone companies are only used by businesses that are strictly office based, VoIP has got no limitations whatsoever. The VoIP business phone system overcomes every calling barrier associated with traditional phone companies, thereby offering a richer and better set of features that can boost flexibility while minimizing IT costs. To make it better, all of these incredible features can be enjoyed across multiple locations.  

Boost your franchise business with a bunch of features

Now, you are probably wondering what all of these features are, right? Well, below are some of the awesome features that can be enjoyed with VoIP. - Preserve your service, image, and quality across all of your franchise locations - Fast, efficient, and uniformed message delivery. - Using toll free and local numbers - Reduce costs on phone bills; up to 50% - Get complete reports for all of your franchisees - No more missing important calls in case you are off the grid of your franchise - Detailed analytics of all your calls Impressive, right? You can enjoy all of the above benefits with VoIP. Still in doubt? Let's go through the solutions VoIP has to offer thoroughly.

Using VoIP Solutions To Enhance Your Franchising Experience


Using Toll Free and Local Numbers

Franchise businesses naturally have multiple branches in different geographical locations. This is why they need nationally recognized Toll free numbers along with their local numbers. This will enable you to maintain your company’s solid brand. On the other hand, utilizing your local numbers brings about the routing process. How? Very simple. Just set up a customized IVR and voice menu allowing customers to choose the nearest located franchisee by entering a zip code, area code, or a custom entry. It will be very convenient for your customers, since they will immediately reach the right franchisee without getting bored. To utilize the routing process, the main franchise can set up a VoIP system which will find the right franchisee, then route the call there.

Not Missing Any Call In Case You Drop Out of Franchisee

It has never been so easy to scale your business up and down. Have you dropped a franchisee or more? No hassle just transfer all their local calls to the nearest location or anywhere convenient. Avoid losing any vital calls to an area where a franchisee has been dropped. Just create some business continuity across your entire franchise network.

Being Scalable

If you are an ambitious franchiser who often opens new franchisees in different locations, you just need to ask your VoIP provider to add extensions and that’s all. Your new employees will be connected to the internal communication system. You won't be needing a hardware, or experience any kind of operation disruptions. VoIP is flexible enough to simultaneously scale up and down with your business. Features like Conference Bridge, eFax, and call forwarding will help you stay in touch with your new location while fitting in with all of your business needs.

Measuring Your Franchisee’s Performance

Now you will be able to track your phone's system within all of your franchise locations. You will have complete analytics and reports of each franchisee’s call volume. For instance, you will know exactly how many calls are being sent to each franchise, how well customer service is being handled, etc. You'll also have the ability to maintain the service, appearance, and quality standards across all franchises.

Remotely Monitoring Your Franchises

VoIP video conference allows you to set up trainings with franchisees so that no one misses vital information and keep up with industry news. These webinars can be held both live and via recorded files. Sharing successful cases and creative solutions will be a solid base for your business' future prosperity.   You will get a full package of intelligent business features, unlimited nationwide calls, remarkably low international calling costs and this is just the beginning. Switching to VoIP: Investment or expenditure for your franchisees? Decide for yourself!

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