Learn What Internet Of Things(IoT) Is. Explore How It Contribute To VoIP

IoT is becoming one of the hottest topics among business owners who want to keep up with advanced technology and gurus. It’s a new phenomenon that will affect our working, communicating, and other habits. That’s why it’s important to have at least a basic understanding of what IoT is.


Before turning to the exact examples of IoT implementation, you will probably ask yourself, “Why has IoT gained such huge popularity?” There are some beneficial conditions. Broadband Internet is already a common thing in most areas of the world. Being always connected to the Internet is not a luxury at all, and that’s why many devices are being created with Wi-Fi capabilities and built-in sensors. The cost of mobile devices is dropping, thus leading to widespread usage.
What is IoT?
IoT is a concept that aims to connect all surrounding devices and machines to the Internet with on and off switches. Everything from cellphones to coffeemakers and lamps can be a part of IoT. Being a part of IoT network, these devices can interact not only with people but also with each other. Among the components of IoT, three types of interactions are possible: people-to-people, people-to-things, and things-to-things. Imagine all IoT devices working like your computer that is connected to the Internet. Each device has a special IP address that differentiates from millions of other computers and identifies the exact location of your computer. The same way IoT devices have their own IP address. You may wonder how this is possible, but hold on. With IoT version 6, it’s possible to assign an IP address to every atom on Earth. Even better, there would still be enough addresses left for another 100+ earths.

What Problem Does IoT Solve?

Every new technology or device is coming to solve an important problem that has been around a long time. IoT has come to fill the lack of attention, time, and accuracy that people are not so good at capturing data about their surrounding things. IoT devices collect all the data without our help. All we need to do is track their performance and improve it daily. IoT provides an alert when a device needs replacing, repairing, or recalling. VoIP and IoT, what is internet of things?

What Impact Can Internet of Things Have?

IoT will influence a wide range of spheres from agriculture and transportation to customer service. Let’s give some examples to make things clear. Imagine a shopping center or online platform where customers’ buying preferences will be tracked and analyzed in real time. Reasonable prices will be offered to close as many leads as possible. Even better, knowing how often this or that product is used the customer may be offered to buy or rent it. Traditionally businesses tend to gather the information they need from popular sources, keep databases, make analytical reports, and pass it through the management levels to make final decisions. IoT doesn’t change the whole logic, however, it empowers the way business communication is managed.  

VoIP And IoT

We no longer consider emails, faxing, texting, videos, or apps as separate platforms to stay in touch with broadband Internet. All of them fly over the same network, which simplifies the communication process for small-to-midsize businesses. If you still rely on traditional legacy telephone system, consider how many opportunities your business loses due to it. But don’t worry, it’s never too late to migrate to VoIP and keep up with the latest technologies. It’s not difficult to guess how VoIP and IoT can collaborate. As objects are connected to the Internet, VoIP can be embedded and integrated with mobile devices, tablets, and laptops without restrictions. You might be confused if you’re new to IoT and VoIP. However, the experts confirm that the leap from VoIP to IoT will be smooth. Let’s bring practical examples of VoIP and IoT collaboration so you can imagine  the importance of switching to VoIP. VoIP and IoT integration, Velantro - Messages sent on your smartphone can be programmed to automatically drop into your email and your IP phone. - Calendars can be set to send notifications to your VoIP phone as a reminder of upcoming events. - IoT enables your car to notify you that you should stop for mechanic services on your way from work to home. Once you accept the alert sent by IoT, your VoIP phone will send your car mechanic’s address to preprogram in your GPS, then confirms a calendar event on your mechanic’s schedule. IoT and VoIP integration makes the coolest things become reality. However, it also creates additional privacy issues and security concerns for business. We no longer are dependent on our laptop or PC. Mobile devices and smartphones are an essential part of our life. At the same time they are primary for VoIP and IoT collaboration. Objects are increasingly gaining the ability to communicate. All thanks to cloud technologies and IoT mechanism. This new information network will definitely change the way we think, work, do business, communicate, etc. Next, you can explore the magical world of IoT and VoIP together.

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